Monday, May 24, 2010

Bachelorette Premiere

Well, Hunter made it past the first round!  As always, there were a few crazy guys thrown into the mix for Ali to deal with. It's amusing to watch those that you know were put on the show just for the trainwreck factor. It seems like she contractually has to keep a few of them around for ratings purposes. I know I'm going to be a huge hypocrite watching this season because I naturally want to talk sh*t about the obviously confused gay one and the scrapbooker, but find myself feeling the need to defend Hunter's ukulele skills to all the haters.  

General observations:
  1. Do you think Ali had a pile in the bushes of all the crap that the guys gave her?  I have a horrible short term memory, but I recall two roses (one made out of a napkin), a plastic sun, a CZ ring, a scrapbook, a shoe keychain, and a wood BFF necklace just to name just a few. 
  2. Eventually the "upping the ante" mentality is going to have to stop.  Guys doing back flips off the limo, come on now!  Next season some dude is going to parachute in carrying a backpack full of puppies.  
  3. Shooter..... ohhhh Shooter.  Bad call.  You should have known better. 
  4. I loved Ali last season because she had that California ease and natural beauty, but tonight she just looked like she was trying too hard.  I hope she eases up a bit, because she is so cute without the stage makeup and Vienna-esque extensions. 
  5. I swear the producers have started purposely seeding the show with at least one person that has a significant other just to create the "most dramatic rose ceremony EVER" situations. 
Hunter observations:
  1. I do not remember that little Texas twang.  Maybe he was playing up the "southern charm" aspect. Which isn't a bad idea- you have to differentiate yourself somehow, but something tells me he took care of that with his vocal talents and/or when told Ali he had to use the restroom.  :)  
  2. My favorite line of the night was when he was talking about Roberto and said he was a little disappointed he got a rose for doing some sort of "hot sauce dance".  Ha- classic!! 
  3. Second favorite was when he (seemingly a little buzzed) called Craig something that was bleeped out but appeared to rhyme with 'mooshmag'.
  4. Sadly, as much as I'm rooting for him, it's not looking too good since I only caught a couple glimpses of him in the season montage.  Usually not a good sign.
Can't wait for next week!  Good luck Hunter!!

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PinkLouLou said...

Have you been on reality Steve? I had to do it.. man its gonna be a crazy season!