Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Cinco de Mayo- or around here- Eyo!

One of my college besties, Erika, was born on Cinco de Mayo. Her nickname is E, so a few years ago we officially renamed the holiday "Cinco de Eyo". As if this crew ever needed an excuse to have a good time, it always gives us a reason to have a little bit of EXTRA fun! This year was no exception. We typically have a party the Saturday before and then go to dinner on her birthday if it falls during the week. Yes, birthday dinners are a must, but aren't margaritas + mexican food on Cinco de Mayo pretty much law in Texas anyways?

I don't know if it was the fact that we're getting old and miss college theme parties desperately we were feeling extra festive this year or just wanted an excuse to wear mustaches, but we decided to go with the "fiesta" theme for the holiday.

Since it was supposed to rain, we threw the party at our house. Our lack of a dining room table provides the perfect dance floor area. And while we always say we're too old* to turn a get together into a dance party... it always happens. And happen it did.

Some pictures for your enjoyment:

Getting everything ready. This picture cracks me up. Anytime I'm in party planning mode and I get in the way of a picture I'm always blurry bc I'm moving so fast. My mom said she couldn't get a decent picture of me at Jodi's shower because I never sat still.
The cake! I made a sombrero cake to fit the theme. You can't really tell in this picture, but it was gigantic and the only thing I could use as a cake stand was the pan it was baked in, so I made it a little more festive with green, red, and white streamers wrapped around it.
Of course moose got in on the theme action. Not happily though. I think he hated this hat more than the pirate costume and that one had an eye patch!
Me, E, Al before everyone got there.
Jules and E.
Flynn and E.
Alex and Wylie.
Me, Alison, E, Jules.
Trey wearing moose's sombrero and playing the recorder... obviously getting a touch later in the night...
Me doing my best Frida impression. Although some might say I was doing my best "natty circa 1994 before she discovered tweezers" impression. Kiiiidding. Kind of.
Jules and Brent.
Zach sporting the mustache-as-eyebrows look.
Nothing says "classy" like doing the Soulja Boy while wearing a fou man chu.
More mustache-clad dancing- E, Al, Melissa.
The mustache in a sad state at the end of the night.
The roomie. Hilarious.

*Speaking of 'too old'... this was the first party that we've had at our house with kids in attendance. I was absolutely thrilled that they could come, but I'm not going to lie- I had a little bit of a "omg, when did I get to be the age where it is perfectly normal for lots of my friends to have babies at social occasions?!?" moment. It's a very weird feeling, that getting old business...
Two sweet dads and two even sweeter little girls.
Miss Ellie came to the party appropriately attired.
Little Clare was pretty much the cutest thing ever. And such a good toddler. She just wandered around and entertained herself.

Hope everyone had a muy bueno Cinco de Mayo!


L A C E Y said...

how fun! we used the holiday as an excuse for mustaches, too. haha. gotta love cinco de mayo in texas! :)

my fiesta!

Samma said...

I am totally with you on how weird it is that there are babies at my social events, and half the ladies without babies are knocked up. I'm just not there yet!

Where did you get your adorable Mexican dress? I have a couple, but my fave has gotten way too short. I am always on the look out for more!

Natalie said...

It is actually very authentic- I got it a few years back in a little shop in Playa. I love it and surprisingly wear it all the time!