Thursday, May 6, 2010

favorite purchase as of late

The newest addition to my 'workout/lazy day/I'm not going to get out of yoga pants for the majority of the weekend' wardrobe.

Gap Body had a sale a couple weeks ago and every tank top in the store was $10, I picked this one up and I'm obsessed with it. It also comes in olive and black and I think I might go back and get both of them.

Sadly, the $10 sale is no more, but even at $24.50, I would say these are worth it. Lightweight, comfy, and great for days at the gym when a skin-tight workout tank simply isn't going to skew to the flattering side of things. (i.e. when you haven't been in two months. Not saying I would ever do such a thing, but you know, if you hadn't... this would be perfect!)

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