Thursday, May 27, 2010

Low Key Memorial Day

I love three day weekends mainly due to the ability to mix in a significant amount of both fun and productivity.  It's hard to balance those two things in two days and for some reason those extra 24 hours just makes it seem infinitely more possible.  

And since I'm sure you are just dying to know, here are my Memorial Day weekend plans in a nutshell!

Friday night... dinner with my mom's side of the family.  I'm not sure where we're headed yet, but I do know that I will get to see these two:
Love, love, love them.  One of these days I'll convince my cousin that I am not a baby dropper responsible enough to babysit.  One of these days.  Perhaps I should stop posting things about falling out of cars* and being on my sixth iPhone first.

Saturday... Cooking out poolside with friends and doing a little bit of this:
Note: not a photo of me in my bikini.  Picture courtesy of here.  While I wish I had jumped on the treadmill about four months ago, that was sadly not the case.  As such, there will be no bikini clad pictures of me here unless I lose a bet or get a nasty case of food poisoning.  You're welcome. 

And cooking/bringing this:
Rice Salad
¼ salad oil
2 T vinegar
2T mustard
1½ t salt
⅛ t pepper
4½ C of hot cooked (in chicken broth) rice
2 hard boiled eggs
1½ C celery, chopped
½ C dill pickles, chopped
¼ C pimento, chopped
1 small onion, chopped
½ C mayo
Blend first five ingredients together and pour over hot rice.
Cool and then add remaining ingredients.
Chill and serve.

I know, I know rice salad?  It sounds weird but it is so freaking good!  It's the best side for summertime BBQ's because it's cold and very refreshing.  The Dot has made this ever since we were little and it's one of my favorites.  If you are taking it to a cookout, make it the day before so all the flavors can really blend together.  It's good the day-of, but even better 24 hours later. 
Sunday... Concert in Fort Worth with the crew:

While I am not really a country-music-loving girl.  I actually do love Texas country.  You know... Wade Bowen, Pat Green, Cory Morrow, etc.  You can't really go to Tech and not love Pat Green since he's a fellow Red Raider.  I'm pretty sure they won't let you in.  So I will happily throw on my cowboy boots for my Texas boys. Speaking of...

Sunday I will be wearing this (or close enough- my dress is flowier (flowy-er??) and with cuter boots):

Monday... funtime over.  Enter the (still incomplete) To Do list:
I have all these things I've been putting off, so my plan is to play all weekend and then get down to business on Monday**.  I mean, really? clean out the garage?! Can I get a collective 'UGH'.... Oh well, it will be nice when it's done.  

Three cheers to holiday weekends!  Hope everyone has a fantastic one!

*Bonus: if you click on the falling out of cars link you get a funny story AND the one-and-only picture of my ex-fiance that has ever been published on this blog.  It's like seeing Bigfoot.  Actually now that I think about it, it really IS like seeing Bigfoot because he's actually doing something nice in said picture.  Okay, enough rambling, I'm starting to get a touch tacky.  Apologies!

**Note to Dallas friends: please do not try to coerce me into any sort of Monday Funday activities with promises of refreshing cocktails, breezy patios, and/or sparkling swimming pools.  You've seen my dirty garage and mess of a closet, and you know how easily I am distracted by booze and shiny objects.  Thank you in advance.


Dotty said...

Wow. #9 alone on the to do list should take a good 3 months. Need help? I am twitching with excitement at just the thought of digging into that closet... Better give Goodwill a heads up on the impending arrival.

Harper said...

Precious outfit and the iPhone stories NEVER get old. Happy Memorial Day Weekend :)