Thursday, May 13, 2010

San Diego Bound!

In Napa: the woman never leaves home without snacks.

This time tomorrow, my mom and I will officially be off to San Diego for a weekend of breezy weather, rehearsal dinner investigation, and most importantly, showering my future sister-in-law with all the essential goods she and my brother will start their new life with!

If there is one thing I love about traveling with my mom, it's that she plans ahead* and always has the boy scout motto "be prepared" in mind. Which to boy scouts means rope, flint, and a good tent. The Dot takes a much more practical view on being prepared with snacks, booze, and the latest and greatest travel electronics.

The Dot's Packing List Thus Far:
  1. Chocolate covered almonds.
  2. Chili lime cashews.
  3. Honey sesame sticks.
  4. Lemon and chocolate protein bars.
  5. iPad with a headphone splitter.
  6. Crazy Heart and Up in the Air rented, uploaded to said iPad, and ready for our in-flight viewing.
  7. Bookoos** of drink coupons.
*I should mention that "planning ahead" to my mom means the gathering of: food, sweets, snacks, movies, blankets, and other creature comforts and notsomuch the application of booking essentials like rental cars and/or plane reservations. Priorities, people.

**I just had a "duh, you idiot" moment when I just realized that this word "bookoos" that I've said quite a bit in my {very slight} Texan twang is really the butchering of the french word beaucoup... meaning 'in abundance'. Seriously, never put that one together... six years of french. Wowza.

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