Monday, May 17, 2010

San Diego Recap

We are finally home after a long day of traveling!  We almost missed our flight when construction caused horrendous traffic on the way to the airport in San Diego.  We made it due to a flight delay and us sprinting through the airport à la Home Alone. However, my bag didn't have the same luck since I checked it 10 min before take-off.  Hopefully it arrives soon because that sucker has precious cargo in it:
Yes, that would be a suitcase full of sourdough bread.  There are few things I love more than an authentic, crusty loaf of sourdough and, in my opinion, the best place to find that is in California (San Francisco, preferably).  Boudin is my favorite and they have one location in San Diego so I took the opportunity to stock up.  Before you judge me and send my info into The Biggest Loser, my parents have a large outside freezer which will house most of these until they are needed.  (Also known as my plan to keep myself from carb-gorging until bikini season is over-- or at least until my two bridesmaid's dresses have been rocked).

But back to the important stuff.  So we got in Friday afternoon and drove out to Coronado Island to check out the place where my brother and Whit will be getting married and to scope out Rehearsal Dinner sites.  Yes, it is two months until the wedding and the RD site has not been finalized.  The Dot is a procrastinator with all things that do not revolve around snacks.

However, much to everyone's relief- she finally decided on something!  After looking at four different places, McCormick & Schmick's at the Omni was the winner.  The reception will be taking place right next door at a venue overlooking the Padre's stadium, so the location should be ideal.
Ceremony Site
Weird angle of the room at McCormick & Schmick's

While we were at M&S, we decided we may as well stop in at the bar to sample their food and cocktails:
Mini hot dogs.
Big League Chew Martini's (getting the baseball theme?)
The Dot wasn't too sure about the BLC Martini's.  I was a fan.  Which is not surprising since I drink Big Red, Sunkist, and basically any other beverage with the most unnatural coloring imaginable.

Prior to heading to Orange County, we stopped by my brother's absolute favorite burger place in Pacific Beach, Rocky's, to rub in the fact that we were having fun without him (we're evil like that).

He literally probably could have been a part owner in this place with the amount of money he spent here over the years.  He lived right down the street and knew all the bartenders by name.  So just because I'm such a sweet little sister, I took a picture with the main guy and sent it to him with the message "Jerry has a new favorite *insertourlastnamehere*":

'scuse the lovely iPhone quality photo

After that we headed up the coast to Orange County.  The shower was at noon on Saturday so we spent the night with Whitney's parents.  They were wonderful hosts and we got to hash out some of the details of the wedding.

The shower was perfect and Clint & Whit definitely got hooked up.  They have a great start on decorating their house and stocking their kitchen!  All of her family and friends were hilarious and very welcoming.  

Some of them commented that my mom had an accent (weird?).  Being the City-type Texans combined with the fact that we moved around a lot, we don't think we do, but apparently when out of our element the "y'all" sticks out a bit more. 
Whitney with the hostesses.
Whit's mom, Val; Whit; my mom; me.

After the shower, we headed back to SD to fly out the next morning.  A full day of traveling yesterday was made much better with this little guy: 

I was ambivalent towards the iPad prior to this trip.  Yes, it's cool.  But I have an iPhone and a laptop... it seemed neat but sort of unnecessary to me.  I'm here to tell you that I've changed camps.  We used it to navigate our way everywhere, it provided entertainment and allowed us to download the shower pictures from Whitney's parents in about 30 seconds on our way out the door.  Very cool.

So there ya go... San Diego in a nutshell.  Wow- that was much longer than I intended.  Many apologies if I bored you, but I guess if you're reading this, you made it through! 

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melissa said...

Ohhh so jealous of your stockpile of sourdough bread and your trip to San Diego. Such a great city!