Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Bet

Life Sized Edward Cullen, anyone?

If anyone is to blame for my slightly embarrassing vampire obsession, it would be Jodi. Two years ago I threw a Tech vs. OU game watching party and she left early.... TO GO HOME AND READ TWILIGHT.  She has not lived that fact down since.  However, it did push me over the edge of curiosity and led to me to read this 'damn book that is apparently better than one of my parties'.

Long story short, I loved it.  And it has become kind of 'our thing' ever since. She went with me to see Twilight when I finished the book (the last weekend it was in theaters) even though she had already seen it. And we saw New Moon together. Twice.  :)

So obviously it was an unspoken plan that we would be doing the same thing for Eclipse.

We had dinner a couple months ago and she mentioned this baby shower that "we" went to awhile back.  I knew I had never gone to this girl's shower but Jodi swore up and down that I was there.  So we made a bet.  She would ask the girl if I was there and if she was right, she could pick my outfit for the Eclipse premiere, and if I was right, I could pick hers. 

I got an email the next day and the subject line was simply "Damn".  The body was an email confirming that I was not in attendance.  WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER!!

So I have been harassing Jodi ever since about my plan for her outfit.  For those of you that don't know, these little preteens go crazy- especially in the way of attire.  I'm talking photoshopping their faces on Bella's body and making a t-shirt out of it, while wrapped up in their Twilight fleeces with their New Moon pillows because they have been camping for three days, CRAZY LIKE A STRAW!

Case in point:
(and also a really funny link comparing Twilight fans to Apple Geeks, thanks Maggie!)

So I let Jodi choose her 'team' and then I went from there.  My original plan was to ask for three tickets so I could have her carry a life-sized Edward cutout with her and sit him the seat next to her during the movie. That plan got nixed due to my fear that we might get our asses kicked by a teenybopper that wasn't fortunate enough to abuse her professional media connections to get prescreening tickets. 

We saw the movie Monday night. I think I ended up keeping it pretty tame. She was definitely a good sport for wearing it.  Especially since the crowd didn't seem quite as fanatical as usual. (maybe due to the audience winning tickets vs. camping out for them?  Who knows...)
J. Cullen
Team Edward

The funniest moment was when this older lady (that could have been our moms' age) walked by us wearing one of these shirts:
And gave Jodi props on her team choice and corresponding attire. I believe it went something like "heeey Team Edward, right on... *insert two thumbs up here*"  It was so funny. Little did she know that Jodi was wearing it begrudgingly. All in good fun! 

And for those of you that care, the movie was really good! Parts of it were super cheesy. Parts of it were a little too K Stew angsty. But all in all, we both really liked it.  It's interesting to see how the movies change as each new director puts their stamp on it. The special effects were 50/50- the wolves looked really good, but the dead vampires looked like the mannequin trash bin outside of Nordstrom after a tornado. And I just have to say, he might only be 18- which makes this so creepy of me to say, but Taylor Lautner is too cute. 

I heard some theaters were showing all three movies back to back yesterday. Anyone braving the madness to go see it?

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Brynn said...

Love it!! AND if you find a theater showing all 3 back to back... count me IN!!!