Monday, June 14, 2010

I'll be the one in the tent on the 10pm news...

I am really, really good at rationalizing shopping purchases.  It's quite the skill, but I have had to jerk it into check in the last few years as my early twenties and aforementioned talent have caught up with me and I was forced to learn my lesson and to live within my means (not fun on any level).

However, I do tend to revert back to my old ways when it's something that I am really lusting after.  I am a self-proclaimed tech nerd*, so this definitely falls into that category:

Despite my tendency to lose, crush, drown and otherwise destroy iPhones like it's going out of style, I have had my current phone for over a year.  Which is definitely a record. As such, it's an old model (3G) and won't be able to handle quite a few of the upgrades that are coming out next week.  So I've rationalized my little heart out to deem this as The Year I Shall Upgrade.

Here are my top five rationalizations:
  1. My family is full of Apple nerds as well, and they will most likely be upgrading.  I certainly don't want to be the only one left out of this Facetime business.  Although I'm not sure how cool video calls are going to be when the guy I'm dating calls and I'm rocking last night's makeup and a stained sorority shirt from '01.  Not that I ever do that.  But you know, if I did.
  2. Current iPhone will not be able to multitask which is super annoying when I'm running.  I use runkeeper on outside runs and if I want to change the song, I have to close out of runkeeper which stops the clock. As infrequent as my runs have been lately, I would like to count every single footstep, thankyouverymuch.  BUT this won't be an issue if I upgrade since the new ones have Nike+ built in. 
  3. The camera(s).  My current iPhone has a 2MP camera.  iPhone 4 has a 5MP camera.  Since my track record with destroying digital cameras is worse than my iPhone track record, the phone is currently my only camera.  More than doubling the quality of pictures I can take would be fantastic and much needed (not to mention the flash).  I also think moose and lulu could benefit quite a bit from having video recording capabilities 24/7.  If my friends weren't scared before, they should be now.  
  4. Two words: Engineered Glass.  I have no idea if this stuff is as durable as they say it is, but Apple is touting that it's what is used for the windshields of trains and helicopters. Apparently it's 50x harder than plastic. So if it's strong enough for a high speed train, it should in theory hold up in my wear-and-tear, right?!  If not, buying a new one would mean that I would have my current phone as a back up, just in case. 
  5. I just found out that Best Buy will be selling them.  I just so happen to have several BB giftcards stashed away from Christmas making this purchase a not only a no-brainer but pretty much free.  
Since upgrading is the plan, I'm all about sooner rather than later.  I figure that between my brother's wedding and Jules' bachelorette party, that video camera function just might come in handy in the next month!

*I sure did follow the WWDC via live tech blogs.  Yep, total nerd.  Told ya.


PinkLouLou said...

Ummm ditto. I am the biggest mac nerd ever. And I also have a serious problem keeping anything nice. I am on my 5th iphone, and third macbook! What the heck?? I shouldn't be allowed to have nice things. Ha. I am jealous you are upgrading, I don't think I will be right now. Let us know how it is!!

The Waspy Redhead said...

I want one too! I've got a better iPhone track record. I've was an early adopter and used the first one till I upgraded. I still have my 3g because I skipped the upgrade to 3gs. There is nothing wrong with my current phone, but I so badly want a better camera. Especially since most of my food photos are from the iPhone these days. But then I feel like I should just save my money and by a DSLR. Ahhh what to do?

The Leinwetters said...

gotta get the otterbox. it keeps your iphone water proof (or VERY resistent. adri splashed mine around in the CLEAN toilet and its fine!), shatter proof, throw at the wall b/c your mad proof, fall out of purse proof, drive over it with your car proof (saw this happen). No, it doesn't keep yo ufrom doing all these things, but it keeps your iphone safe when you do. :) its a little bulky, but totally worth it. and its not like we carry around tiny purses anymore.