Tuesday, June 1, 2010

May in Pictures

A birthday party, an engagement party, and a trip to San Diego didn't leave much time for anything else, but busy is good.  So here we go, May in Pictures:
As should be no surprise, Alex and I had a little bit of childish fun blowing up all the balloons for Erika's birthday party.  Let's just say that Alex's "girls" are definitely slightly enhanced in this picture...
Moose playing with Maggie, Sadie, and Daisy at the dogpark.  We decided to make an afternoon out of it complete with mimosas orange juice and blankets.  {According to a Dallas City Ordinance champagne is strictly prohibited in dog parks.  So we'll stick with the orange juice story for the purposes of this post.}
Maggie hung herself on the middle console on the way home.  I'm not sure if this was to cool off her backend or so she could be closer to her mom who was driving, but either way, it was pretty funny. 
Byron Nelson, anyone?  No, I did not quit my dayjob and become a ticket scalper.  We had these for a client promotion.  Needless to say, you give me $4,500 worth of anything and I get a little nervous.  Especially small, destructible stacks of paper.  
Y'know just another afternoon at Top Golf and embarrassing the boys.  Okay, so maybe not embarrassing since I only beat him by one point.  And since his record score is about 100 points higher than mine.  And since my handicap is about twice his.  BUT STILL.... I have to celebrate the small victories.  And you better believe I haven't let him forget this one yet.

Katy and Alison at the Arboretum.  If you haven't been to Cool Thursdays yet, it's such a relaxing and fun way to spent a Thursday night.  This is one of my favorite things about summer. 
Did I mention that it's BYOB and bring your own food?  This was our spread for three girls.  Just a tad excessive.  This is a lesson in why you don't go to Whole Foods while hungry, kids. 
Moose wanted to go San Diego with us.  His chubby butt would have probably put my bag over the weight limit though, so he was forced to stay.
Mmmm... martinis and breezy sea air.  Gotta love SD.
So I think I've written about how I think those hidden pocket panel pregnancy jeans are the perfect solution to Thanksgiving since they really do look like normal jeans.  However, as a cheaper but slightly more conspicuous solution, the folks at Walgreens bring you the Perfect Fit Button.  As seen on TV!!  Kidding.  Kind of.
This was probably the funniest thing I've seen in a long time. Alex spotted this guy while we were grocery shopping wearing the pants version of a mullet- in reverse.  This dude had on pants that were half jeans, half khakis.  Party in the front, business in the back, anyone?  We affectionately termed them "jackis".  Annnnd proceeded to slyly circle him like sharks in seal infested water to get a decent picture.  All while stifling giggles.  I have no doubt we weren't nearly as sneaky as we thought we were being.
Jules and Brent at their first shower.  This was the only shower I've helped host where we have had the food catered.  I gotta say it was kind of nice!  I was definitely much calmer at this one.  With the small exception of my macbook eating the slideshow 10 min. before the shower started.  (For future reference: an iMovie slideshow can be made in less than 20 minutes with some quick work and patience. And cursing. Lots of cursing.)
The only thing I brought food-wise.  Caprese skewers stuck down in styrofoam covered in clear jewels.  Jodi and I tried to do this for Rachel's shower and I'm not sure if it was the improved presentation or just the different crowd, but so many more of these were eaten at this shower.

Al, me, E, Flynn at the shower.
 Jen and DK won a DJ at a charity auction and decided to use her for the shower.  She was definitely a hit at the party. And here's Megan entertaining the crowd with her moves.  I wish I had one tenth of the energy that that girl has. It's always a fun night when she's around.
 Remember my grand plans to have my bougainvillea look like something out of the French Riviera?  Um.... we're having some slight issues with that.  I was advised to go light on the watering, but I'm thinking I may have gone a little too light.
My new favorite wine bar, Crush.  We went here Saturday after dinner at the pizza place next door.  They have five or six touch screens with eight different wines at each one.  When you touch the wine label on the screen, it tells you all the characteristics of it.  They give you a card and then once you select the wine you want, you swipe your card and it debits it automatically.  Very cool.  They had Prisoner which I've been wanting to try without buying a whole bottle.  And Mark bought this handy gadget after me only slightly singing it's praises.  In his words "I know you drink a lot of wine, so if you think it's good, I need one."  Ha.
Me and my favorite little ham sporting our sunglasses at the dinner table.  Not very appropriate, but it was only for a brief photo op.  So cute!

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