Wednesday, June 16, 2010

My Newest Obsession

My parents' favorite place in the country (quite possibly the world) is Napa.  They usually go twice a year and if my brother and I are lucky, we get the occasional invite.  Unfortunately, we had no such luck on their most recent trip.  I guess we can forgive them since it was their 35th wedding anniversary. (HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!) However, being the sweet parents that they are, they usually come back with a few bottles to appease us when we are so rudely left at home.

This last trip they came home with something better than wine.  And y'all know it takes a lot for me to give something a higher priority than vino:

Hop Kiln's Ipa Sweet Fire Mustard 

I'm not a mayo lover at. all. Anytime I open a jar of mayo I picture the caloric content making my thighs resemble something similar to the jiggly nastiness inside the jar.  Not to mention that it just doesn't taste good.  Blech.  So anyways, mustard all the way for this girl.  This stuff from Hop Kiln Winery takes mustard to whole new level.

It's spicy, tangy, and sweet all at the same time. Simply delicious. I should emphasize the SPICY though as my roommate just about died when she tasted a tiny bit. It makes turkey sandwiches taste so much better and is a great dipping sauce for pretty much any carb I happen to find in my kitchen.  

I am only slightly ashamed to say that I have gone through about a 1/4 of the jar in two weeks.  I started to panic a little until I did a quick google search and found out that Hop Kiln winery has an online gourmet shop where they sell this, along with a whole plethora of other delicious looking varieties (I think Zinfindel/Garlic & Horseradish are next on my list to try).

In addition to mustards, they have vinegars, oils, vinaigrettes, pestos, and dessert sauces.  Speaking of dessert sauces... the website has something in a jar called "Strawberry Champagne Decadence" that sounds ah-mazing but is currently sold out (only making me want to try it that much more, naturally).  I am definitely going to order some as soon as it's restocked.  

They also have fun gift boxes as well as a gourmet club that sends shipments three times a year.  At first I was thinking that would make a great gift for a foodie newlywed, but I doubt that there are many other people out there that would be as excited as I would be to get twelve jars of mustard delivered to their door.  We all have our priorities, I suppose. 

As much as this may seem like a sponsored post, Hop Kiln has not asked nor paid me to write this post. However, HOP KILN, I will happily accept product shipments of wine and/or mustard in exchange for future reviews. *kisses* -Natalie

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