Thursday, June 17, 2010

Sfuzzi Review

One of the things I love most about reading blogs are the recommendations/reviews from other bloggers. Whether it is an amazing sale, a great new recipe, a different varietal of wine, etc. it's nice to hear what other people out there are loving. While I try to keep things fairly positive around here, I also believe that the flip side of reviews can be helpful.

Note: below is a rant which is probably only interesting to those that live in Dallas and might dine at the establishment referenced below.  If this is not your situation, feel free to abandon this post now.  No need to bring the room down with my geographically specific negativity!

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I love venturing off my normal roster of favorites and trying new restaurants in my neighborhood.  So I was excited when plans with the girls led us to Uptown's newest hotspot, Sfuzzi.

In the words of America's favorite redhead... Big mistake.  BIG.  HUGE. 

Sfuzzi hostess service, fail.
Sfuzzi bar service, incompetent.
Sfuzzi waitstaff, horrible.
Sfuzzi food, mediocre at best.  

We arrived at 6:30 and finished eating at 9:00.  That's two and a half hours.  And that wasn't by choice because we were leisurely enjoying our night with good food and good wine. Quite the opposite:
  1. We were told the wait would be 20 minutes and it ended up being twice that.
  2. The bar service was awful.  Overcharging us for drinks during happy hour and taking a ridiculous amount of time to close our tab.  (So long that the hostess came up and asked us if we still wanted our table... the one we'd been waiting 40 minutes for.) 
  3. After being seated, the waitress disappeared for 20 minutes.  When she finally came back and sensed we were thirsty/hungry/frustrated she defensively stated that she had been to our table several times but "didn't want to interrupt" which we knew wasn't true since we were tucked back in a corner where we wouldn't miss her and had been actively looking for her.  
  4. The bread for the bruschetta was incredibly tough and almost impossible to eat.  There's crusty bread that is intentionally chewy and then there's just old bread.  This was just old. 
  5. The red wine was served HOT*.  Not room temperature, hot.  But straight out of the un-airconditioned storage room out back in the Texas summer heat, hot.  
  6. While the menu looked good, the execution was largely bland and unoriginal.  As someone that loves to cook, I am my own worst critic when it comes to the food I serve and I could have made the pasta I had with one arm tied behind my back, blindfolded.  It was unimaginative, disappointing, and overpriced.  
  7. The staff doesn't know what they are talking about.  Apparently one day a week they have half priced cocktails and pizza.  We ran into a friend there that had called that day and was told it was all week.  When she got there she was told it was only on Mondays.  Yet another source said the special was only on Sundays.  
So there you go.  Dallasites, if you would like mediocre food coupled with horrible service** and hot wine, by all means, check out Sfuzzi.  It seems to be the new place of choice for the young Uptown crowd.  But you better hurry because my prediction is that won't last long since there are so many other places in Dallas to go that have delicious food with amazing service. 

*After a quick google search, it seems like "hot" is the preferred serving temperature for their wine.  Check out this review where the server commented on the temp of the bottle before serving it and then suggested a glass of ice when the woman complained(!)

**Waiting tables in college gave me a sincere appreciation for those in the service industry- I strongly believe everyone should wait tables at least once in their life- however, bad service is still bad service. I'm sure there are some Lubbock residents that are still boycotting On the Border to this day due to my inept waitressing skills.  But bad service with an attitude... come on now??

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Maggie said...

A glass of ice for hot wine?! Ahhhh! I only know one woman who likes ice with her wine, and that is my mother-in-law, and I don't need to make fun of her because her children take care of that for me.

My old office is right by this place - the location is definitely cursed. Kinda like the revolving door next to Cru in West Village.