Thursday, June 3, 2010

une fille mignon et une fille folle

When I was about 19 or so and flailing my way through what I had hoped would become a minor in french, we took a trip to San Francisco and ended up sharing an airport shuttle with a french family obviously visiting the states on vacation.  I remember so clearly watching as this little three year old rattled up a storm to her parents, perfectly enunciating this language that was so difficult for me.  I have never been so jealous of a toddler.  It just seemed to come so easy to her.

So last night I was blog surfing and ran across this youtube video of this adorable little french girl* telling a story that could only be derived from the imagination of someone her age, and it completely brought back memories of that little girl in San Francisco.  Not sure if you'll get the same kick out of this that I did, but here it is regardless:

On a somewhat related note, I realized yesterday that my LinkedIn profile had our old agency name behind me in my profile picture, so I went to facebook to find a replacement.  And while clicking through my profile pictures I saw that one of them had a ton of comments from me, and only me.

I scrolled down and apparently it was the picture that Pierre had originally left that "sapapaya" comment on which led to the english vs. french/sexual innuendo grammar lesson.  Only sometime between January and now, frenchie went on and deleted all of his comments.  But obviously he couldn't delete mine.  So all that was left were about nine comments, only from me, on my own profile picture, in french.  I looked like a total nutjob who was rambling to myself in a foreign language. Awesome.  Thanks for that, Pierre.

*Isn't she adorable?  I want to kidnap her.  In a noncreepy way, of course.  I would just feed her cookies and listen to her stories all day and as a result learn to properly pronounce hippopotamus and crocodile- you know... all the useful vocabulary to know while traveling abroad.

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PinkLouLou said...

I love this child! I also did not finish my french minor...oopsie. I so regret that. I loved the language and thought it would be so great to teach high school french. Maybe one day...