Friday, July 2, 2010

June in Pictures!

June is over... which means my big brother is getting married in 8 days.  CRAZY!  I'm so excited and happy for them.  Can't wait to share some of the pictures from the wedding, but until then... June in pictures!
This made me laugh out loud in the middle of Walgreens.  My friends love to tease me because one of my secret favorite movies is Wimbledon. I actually took tennis lessons for a year after seeing this movie.  (the fact that I'm admitting this to the world is proof I have no shame.)  Anyways, my beloved favorite movie ended up in the $2.99 bin at Walgreens. Apparently I'm one of the few fans out there.
My new work out routine!  Going back to the old school elementary days. There has got to be a reason the staples of PE class were jump roping and hula hooping. I'm here to tell you five minutes of jump roping tore. my. calves. up. As in, I couldn't walk properly for three days. 
The pups awaiting their goods after a visit to the grand opening of the Three Dog Bakery in Plano.
Jodi with her surprise shoes! She had similar cork heels that I loved and borrowed from her over a year ago. Everytime I met up with her, I would be wearing them.  Finally after probably the 18th time, she told me that I loved the shoes more than she ever could and just to keep them.  I was so excited when Erika found almost the exact same style this season at Nine West. I went in the next day and bought two pairs- one for Jodi and one for me. The cashier was so confused on why I was buying two pairs of the same shoe.
I'm completely intrigued by the flavors of Vosges chocolates. I've heard about them for awhile, but just realized that Central Market has started carrying their line.  I really want to try the jalapeno and bacon flavors. So bizarre, but it could be one of those things that ends up being amazing.
When this bird decided to build her nest and laid one tiny egg in the flower box outside my room I was excited.  The idea of a little baby bird outside my window was cute, but I was also worried my flowers would all die since I wouldn't be able to water them...
... Buuut, that situation took care of itself when I came home one day to this.  I'm trying to figure out what the hell happened that would result in that many feathers. My overactive imagination immediately went to some sort of crazy, mama bird eating hawk. So sad. 
Kool Aide Pickles, anyone? I saw these last weekend at the Dallas Farmer's Market and I was so tempted to try one, but couldn't bring myself to stomach it despite my love of pickles.

My college friend and sorority sister, Jacque and I.  She's getting married in the fall and her bachelorette party was last weekend.
A few of the bridesmaids after a wonderful dinner at Nobu.
This picture cracks me up. We were at dinner for the bachelorette party and Alex was trying to take a picture of my sweatiness while Julie kept trying to sneak in the picture and we're both cracking up.  Why was I profusely sweating at dinner, you ask? We had dinner at Palomino and it was so hot inside the restaurant that I was sweating like I was mid work-out. Granted, I have a tendency to "glow" fairly easily, but this was absolutely ridiculous considering it's one of the nicer places in uptown. Never again, Palomino. Your lack of a/c just moved you to the same list at Sfuzzi in my book!
Finally, Moose at the end of a hard day at the office.

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Brynn said...

Am I even wearing shorts in that picture?!?! haha!! Send me others that you have! And, yes, it was HOT at Palomino - what the heck was up with that???