Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Random Bits

  • Thanks to the holiday weekend and our trip to San Diego, my one-day work week is officially over.  I'm kind of loving this... I think 1 on/6 off is a way better plan that 5 on/2 off, don't you??
  • We had a blast at Third Eye Blind!  I know they can be perceived as a cheesy 90's band, but they put on such a great show.  Mark didn't realize it was my first time to see them live until we were on our way, so he scrapped the station freebie tickets and bought seats that were probably 4th or 5th row so I could actually see them right up close. Very sweet of him.
  • The concert was at a casino and, once again, black jack and I proved to be bitter frenemies. Only I'm used to my pain being numbed by free cocktails. Vegas has this concept down pat; reservation casinos... notsomuch with the free hooch. NOT a fan of that.  You know what else I'm not a fan of? The fifty cent per hand "gambling fee".  What the HECK?? Losing my money while sober is not torture enough so they have to rub salt in the wound with a fee to play? Not cool. On second thought, I guess you can't blame them- with all due respect, I'd be pretty pissed off as well if all my land was stolen from me. So I'll just go ahead and keep my privileged caucasian mouth shut now that I think about it!  
  • I cannot even remotely tell you how excited I am about this. You know that girly gene that causes the majority of the fairer sex require a sweater if it dips below 75?  I don't have that. At. All. I swear my body temp runs about 10 degrees higher than most normal people. So 60-70 degrees in July is like freaking Christmas to me.  
  • I found out a couple days ago that my childhood crush (who is the little brother of my brother's best friend, Mike) will be in San Diego helping babysit his niece while Mike tends to his Best Man duties. Obviously, the 15+ years that have passed since I last saw him have made the crush entirely irrelevant (as has his marriage and child) but it will still be funny to run into him. The eleven year old me would be freaking out right now. :) The 28 year old in me is wishing an entirely different single little brother of one of Clint's friends was going to be in attendance but sadly he couldn't make the trip. Having an older brother does have it's perks, ladies! 
Alright, enough rambling- back to packing! It's midnight and my suitcase is still empty. But I have my bridesmaid dress out on the hanger ready to go with my shoes.  So if all else fails, at least I have that all set for the big day!  

Have a great week everyone!

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