Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Football & Birthday Bashes

What a whirlwind of a weekend! It was one of those that was so jam packed it leaves you wishing you had one extra day to relax. It was a blast though. 

Friday was Bossdad's birthday so we had dinner at Al Bernait's and then went back to my house for presents. Our meal was very good, but I would venture to say that there are probably better steaks in Dallas.  However, my dad got a shrimp tempura appetizer that was pretty damn amazing. 

After dinner, my parents went back to Plano and I changed and headed to PM Lounge at the Joule for a joint birthday party. The party was for three gay guys so needless to say the majority of the party goers were gay men. I almost didn't go because none of my girlfriends could come but decided last minute to go by myself and had so. much. fun. After the party died down, Ross, his BF, and I went to S4 and danced until about three in the morning.
Ross and I at PM Lounge. After about the fourth time I was introduced to some of the guys as "Ross' wife" I realized that that's the gay guy equivalent to our GBF. Good to know...

Sami & Ross.

Saturday was my roomie, Alex's, birthday. After lunch with her mom at The Porch we met up with some friends at the pool for a few hours. Later that night we headed to Bishop Arts for a pre-dinner cocktail at the Belmont Hotel and then dinner at Hattie's. It was my first time and I would definitely go back.
The usual suspects at Al's birthday dinner.

She was apparently very excited about her birthday cake!

Jalapeno-stuffed quail with balsamic demi glaze on sweet potato mash.  
{it is rare that I request substitutions- especially at a place like Hattie's, but if there is one single food I don't do- it's sweet potatoes... blech!}

I am the designated birthday cake baker for the group, and saw this "zebra cake" recipe and had to try it.  The outside wasn't so cute due to my bunk icing job, but the inside turned out exactly how it was supposed to (and it was pretty delicious as well).
In the pan ready to bake. The zebra effect is accomplished by spooning alternating batters 3 tablespoons at a time into a pan. Tedious, yes. But it turned out so pretty on the inside...

See? Pretty cool, huh.

After dinner we headed to Cretia's and then the Loon. Jules got back from her honeymoon at 2am the night before but managed to stay out with us until 1am. Gotta hand it to her- we were very impressed that she managed to hang that late!

Sunday we had our all-girls Fantasy Football draft. The go-to party house tends to alternate between ours and Julie's, but with her being fresh off her wedding festivities, Alex and I hosted it. This was our first year doing Fantasy so none of us knew what we were doing. Luckily we had a few guys there to help us get set up and show us the ropes.
Our townhouse was packed with people, laptops, extension cords and tailgate food.

E with her Fantasy Football magazine. We all took this pretty seriously- there weren't a whole lot of players being chosen simply because they dated a Kardashian or looked smoking hot in uniform *cough*tombradyadamarchuleta. I think we all tried our best to make sound, athleticism-based decisions.

So here's the team that I ended up with- I've been told it's pretty solid (especially for not knowing what the heck I was doing), but that there might be a few I need to reevaluate.  We'll see once it gets started. I have about two weeks to get brushed up on the strategic ins and outs so I'll be ready once the official season starts.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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Laura said...

What a FUN filled weekend!!! and lots of birthdays!! :) The food you all got looks UNREAL!!! i just ate, but its making my hungry again.. hehe.