Friday, August 13, 2010

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

I know we're not very close to the holidays, but my second favorite time of the year starts next week:

Being a single girl in Dallas, I don't always have the opportunity to try all of the places my little foodie heart desires.  For many reasons:
  1. It's generally frowned upon to suggest a restaurant where entrees are $30+ for a first date- even if your date says "pick anywhere".  And as much as I love it when they say that, I always show restraint and go with the middle ground.  
  2. My two week dating expiration does not provide enough time to work up to the fancy dining experience comfort level.  
  3. There's always the thought to 'just go with the girls', but let's face it, if I were in their shoes (in a relationship) and was going to drop significant cash on dinner- I would want to be with my man friend, so I don't even really go there.
  4. As far as splurges go, I've found that there is only room for one foodie vice in my budget and no restaurant can keep me away from my beloved Central Market. 
So when Restaurant Week was announced, I went on Open Table and made several reservations with the thought process that I will find dates, friends, family to go with and/or give them away to friends that forgot to book their reservations early.  

I tried not to book any places I have tried before but I just couldn't help revisiting Hibiscus, Capital Grille, and Dragonfly.  

My lineup:
  • Al Bernait's - a Dallas favorite off Oak Lawn. 
  • Salum - I have to be honest... I originally made this res thinking it was Steven Pyles other baby- Samar. I've been to his original namesake restaurant and it was great, so I was attempting to try his new concept and got a little confused. However, I've heard good things about Salum as well so I figured I'd give it a shot.
  • Capital Grille - The atmosphere of this place is a little stuffy for me. I don't like going in restaurants and feeling like I'm the youngest person there, but it still was one of my favorites from RW last year. Our waiter was so nice (some places get attitude about RW customers) and I literally had dreams about their creamed corn afterwards.
  • Eddie V's - a relatively new place to the Dallas scene, but I've heard good things so far. I'm excited to see if it lives up to its hype or if it's just the newness of it.  
  • Hibiscus - I've a huge fan of all of Consilient's restaurants, but Hibiscus is definitely my favorite. 
  • Kent Rathbun's Blue Plate Kitchen - After having eaten at both of Mr. Rathbun's other restaurants in the last two weeks, I'm looking forward to seeing what BPK is all about (if I keep the res).  We went to Abacus for my mom's birthday last week and Jasper's on Wednesday, and even though Abacus is the much more celebrated of the two- I have to say that Jasper's is still my favorite.
  • Dragonfly - I have been here several times and just love the food and the atmosphere. The food is always creative and well-executed and the ambiance is swanky and hip.
  • Charlie Palmer at the Joule - I have been dying to go here since it opened and have also heard that there is a fun bar in the hotel that we might hit up afterwards to change up our usual weekend routine.
A last minute trip out of town might prevent me from going to Hibiscus (8/19), Blue Plate Kitchen (8/20), and Dragonfly (8/21) so if any of you in Dallas have interest in those, let me know!  

Hopefully these places live up to my experiences from last year.  We are kicking the week off tonight with Al Bernait's to celebrate Bossdad's birthday {Happy, Happy Birthday Bossdad!}.  Can't wait! 

I'm thinking that there won't be very many photos of me posted in the later part of August as I'm sure I'll be hiding behind the 15 pounds I've packed on.  :)  I guess I should try kick start that whole running-in-the-morning-before-work bit to try to make sure that doesn't happen!  Oh well.. you only live once, right?  :)

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Maggie said...

Yes! I really miss Hibiscus.

Two thumbs up for Charlie Palmer. Spent a New Year's Eve there a couple of years ago in one of their private dining rooms with a winetastic crowd. Seem to recall having spectacular lamb.