Tuesday, August 3, 2010

July in Pictures

Whew.  This was one crazy month.  Two bachelorette parties, a shower, a going away party, and a brother getting married will just about wear a girl out.  Not that I'm complaining because there is definitely nothing else I would rather do than celebrate these huge events with friends and family, but July was damn near exhausting.
These two young guys were not only walking out of Eclipse, but were also clad pretty much head to toe in Ed Hardy. And they were on a man date. I found it very amusing that two guys, so obviously hell-bent on 'appearances', would go on a man date to see Twilight.

Speaking of Twilight: do you might remember me talking about The Bet that Jodi and I made awhile back (which she lost)?  I posted about it here, but I couldn't post the shirt she had to wear in all its nerdy glory (it's hard to read, but it says "Renesmee" with an arrow)  because it was a bit too revealing at the time... due to the fact that JJ is PREGO! A month ago she was still keeping it under wraps, but now that she is in her 2nd trimester, the news is out!  So exciting! (And yes, I know it was mean of me to make her wear that shirt in public, but a bet's a bet!)

To my horror, I recently found out that two of my best friends from college have been house hunting in the 'burbs.  Look at their happy faces when they found the D issue on shelves that outlined the best Dallas suburbs. Not loving this getting older business.

The Psychedelic Furs. Richard Butler is in his 50's I believe and looks like he could be 30. I don't know what his secret is, but I want in on it.

Mark and I before the Third Eye Blind concert. Which I also have some pretty good video of, but you can hear my alcohol-induced singing, and let's face it- I enjoy having readers. And if I subject you to that, I'm not sure I would have any left. It's not pretty. I would compare it to the sound you might hear if you were to torture a cat. {note: m&l does not condone the torturing of cats. Unless it's something harmless like putting tape on their feet. I'm sorry, but that's funny.}

My mom may have topped herself in terms of travel grub on our flight to SD. She busted out what amounted to a fairly gourmet picnic on the tray table: sonoma chicken salad, chipotle cheddar cheese, farmer's market tomato, and a baguette... on the plane. A glass of white wine from the flight attendant and we were all set!

This, my friends, is a flabongo.  I learn all sorts of things when I'm out in California. Apparently this little contraption with its cut off beak and hollow bottom, is a beer bong.  Yep, and you thought you'd seen it all.... leave it to my brother's new brothers-in-law, Kyle & Garrett, to enlighten us!

This adorable old Beagle was chilling outside Trader Joe's in California.  He was so sweet and just sat there watching everyone walk by.

Our college crew at the beginning of Julie's bachelorette festivities. We were so lucky that the two moms in the group,Whitney & Laura (far left and far right), could join us from out of town for the weekend.

My second time ever to get iced (the first was my brother's wedding weekend).  This little game is gaining quite a bit of popularity. I've been seeing it all over facebook and blogs. I'm sure some marketing exec at Smirnoff recently got a nice, fat raise.

On Sunday after the bachelorette party, Laura was pleading to go to Ikea because they don't have one in Kansas. I love it, but Ikea on a busy Sunday after a crazy Saturday... let's just say my bed sounded far better than trekking my dehydrated self to Frisco.  When we finally gave in, she was so excited.  So this is Laura literally jumping with joy that we took her to Ikea. It actually wasn't too bad. Very crowded, but since we were already up in Oklahoma we stopped at one of my favorites for a little cure-all lunch.

Yep, she sure did carry on a doormat on her way home to Kansas. She said she got some pretty funny looks. At least she didn't try to check a flat-packed dresser or kitchen table.

I FINALLY got to meet baby Kate. I was the only one in our group from college that hadn't met her yet and I'm so happy that Whit brought her over.  She was so cute and SUCH a good baby! {Yes, that's me in the green, but I had to crop myself out of this one... I looked quite haggard after two days of bachelorette festivities + the fun that comes with a Monday at work after such a weekend.  That, and let's face it- I just couldn't compete with Kate's cuteness.}

I am mean with iMovie.  Literally. You need a wedding slideshow done in the back guestroom 10 minutes before an engagement party starts because your computer ate the original? Done. (And I do speak from experience). Alex's sister wanted to learn iMovie so she bribed me with food. She is a culinary school grad and has worked at Craft. Um, no brainer? It was deeelicious. I was tempted to "forget" to teach her a few steps so she'd have to have me back over for a refresher course.  :)

I saw this last week at my little piece of heaven on earth, Jimmy's Food Store. It's rare for me to find any fault at all with my beloved Jimmy's, but molding the flesh of an animal into the likeness of said animal... not my cup'o tea. Kinda gross if you ask me.

Remember Melissa from Jason's season of the Bachelor? The one that got dumped on national television? Don't feel too badly for her- she has recovered quite nicely. She actually ended up marrying one of our college friends, Tye. It always cracks me up to open US Weekly or go on gossip sites and see him. Anyways, apparently they have been very busy newlyweds!

I came home to this the other day. My roommate's sister 'candling' her ears. I have heard of this very briefly while getting a mani/pedi but had never seen it in action. Super weird. I don't think I'll be trying it anytime soon!!

I ended the month with a far too rare dinner date with my "boyfriend" that has a boyfriend. Isn't he adorable? And he speaks french. I've tried to convert him for years with no such luck. *Sigh*... maybe ONE of these days....


L A C E Y said...

wow! looks like you had a great month! and, btw, I can't believe you were at victor tangos the same night as me... I didn't see your message until afterward, though. Hope y'all had fun there.

Erika Goodwin said...

1. AWFUL pic of me and the mag - seriously??

2. EXACTLY why I hate Jimmy's!


3. THANK you for cutting me out of the Smirnoff Ice Picture - I am sure it wasn't pretty considering all the other ones we took late night :)