Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Tour de Weddings 2010

My blog posting has been a little sparse lately due to the plethora of nuptially themed events that I've been attending in the last month. 

Starting with my brother getting married, and ending most recently with Julie's wedding last weekend.  All of it was an absolute blast. I have two weeks until it starts back up again so I thought I'd play catch up.

Jules' bachelorette party:
Gossiping with the girls in the pool before the night's festivities kicked off.
At Javier's for dinner. Never really figured out why they have a giant bear.
Jules, the bride-to-be, and Erika.
Part of the crew at Sunset Lounge.
Rachel's bachelorette party:
Friday night we went to Top Golf and everyone was encouraged to dress up.  Despite how it may look, I'm not a total party pooper- I did bring a preppy sweater to tie around my neck, but it was July in Texas so that didn't stay on long.
Saturday night we had dinner at Victor Tangos and then went out.  Here is Rachel, our bachelorette, and Meredith.
Jennifer and E.
Meredith, E, Jodi, me.
E and I discovered that Knox St. Pub sold Jello Shots, but notice how E is being stingy and left the cap on hers.  Uh huh... I'm on to you, Erika. And just an FYI, jello shots in fun packaging = dangerous....
Especially for Erika's dress.  Oops!! (sorry E!)

And, of course, Julie's wedding:
Mark and I at the Rehearsal Dinner.
E, Jules, me, Al.
Jules talking to her husband(!) while getting bustled by her 'maids.
The happy couple.
Someone found this giant hula hoop at the venue (I'm sure that wasn't its intended purpose). Jules is mean with a hula hoop and yes, she sure did show everyone her talents in the middle of the reception while wearing her wedding dress. It was classic.
Winding the night down at the after party at Hotel Palomar.


melissa said...

You are so gorgeous! When I go to events I usually take a bunch of pictures but look so heinous in most of them I won't post them. You look beautiful in every shot! And so many cute dresses!

Looks live you've been busy on the wedding front. It's fun but I know how exhausting that can be. Hope you get a little time to catch your breath soon!

Dotty said...

Love the expression on your face in the aftermath of the jello shot! Seen that one before - CLASSIC!!