Thursday, September 2, 2010

August in Pictures

As fun as August was, with all the weddings and birthdays, I am so excited to say PEACE OUT! Along with the rest of DFW, I am so ready for cooler weather and football. So August: it's been real, but I'd like to say hasta and thanks for the following memories... 
The Dot at Abacus on her birthday.

My favorite farmer, Mr. Lemley, selling his goods at the Dallas Farmer's Market. I've been buying his tomatoes for years, but this was the first time I've ever seen him in person, so of course I had to take a picture!

Woohoo!  I got this AP update while I was in a meeting.  I'm a firm believer that this is a generational issue and I think it's only a matter of time before gay marriage is legal across the board. One day we'll look back on this and think it was as crazy as women not having the right to vote. On a related note, I loved this post back in the spring from a fellow blogger that is like-minded on this issue. It's so cool to see the joy on these strangers' faces.

Sweet Laura and her "mini". We love to harass her about living the minivan dream up in Kansas. Leaving Julie's rehearsal they happened to be in front of us in the parking garage. I took the opportunity to snap some photos of the infamous mini and she popped her head out the side to yell "I SEE YOU- THIS BETTER NOT END UP ON YOUR BLOG!"  hehehe....

*Also note Erika walking around in the background. She did this for the next twenty minutes or so because she lost her car in the underground garage. 

 The girls relaxing on Julie's wedding day. Ella (the little one, front/center) likes to play this game where you hold her in front of you in the water and spin her around... for some reason she calls this game "bridge". At one point she started yelling at Alex at the top of her lungs "HEY BRIDGE!!  BRIDGE!!" Only in her little girl voice it sounded like she kept yelling "HEY BITCH! BITCH!!" After a moment of stunned silence, we just about died laughing.

Jules getting ready before her wedding with her mom and sister.

Bossdad blowing out his candles on his birthday.

Best panini ever. Leftover Al Bernait's prime rib sliced up, on San Francisco sourdough with homemade horseradish sauce. A little red vino and I was a happy girl.

Never missing the opportunity for some theme-party action (must be the sorority girl in me), moose and I got sporty for the Fantasy Football Draft.

Wylie pouting after I iced him at the pool. I have to give him props though- he was done before I could even get the camera app on my phone open.

Jasper's Maytag Blue Cheese Chips.  I am not a fan of blue cheese (probably the one and only cheese I am not fond of) but wow, these make blue cheese not only bearable, but damn good. Delicious!

Fun fish eye picture of the Georgia Aquarium of a 600 lb. grouper with one of the whale sharks in the background.

Welcome, September! Let's play nice and get my fantasy football team off to a good start, mmkay?


melissa said...

Looks like a great month! But I agree - bring on fall and cooler temperatures!

If you have any fantasy football tips, pass them on! I'm playing in my first ever league. It's an all girls league. We got a (male) friend of ours to set it up for us and he named our league "Future Cougars of America." Lovely, right?

Erika Goodwin said...

hehehe as I was looking at that picture with Laura I was thinking "where are they and who is the random in the back of the picture?" - and it was me wondering around aimlessly while all of you laughed and drove off!!

The Leinwetters said...

Swaggin Wagon!!!