Saturday, September 18, 2010

Happiness is Lubbock in the Rearview Mirror

The words to this country song are well known in Lubbock- especially among Texas Tech seniors. After four years most students are a little antsy to get out of the town infamous for smelling like cow patties. I've always been a city girl, so while I would never go so far as to say that I ever even considered staying in small-town LBK, I do miss it a lot sometimes.

So in celebration of our road trip back to our college town this weekend, I thought I would highlight some of my favorite parts about the West Texas city that gets no love:

  • The Campus.  Lubbock is not an attractive city, I'll give you that. It's flat, doesn't have many trees, and is very... brown. However, the Texas Tech campus is beautiful. They take great care in making sure that new buildings match the old architectural style of the originals from 1923, which I love. They are always planting flowers and grooming the grounds (my favorite time of year there is spring when they plant tulips EVERYWHERE). And it's gorgeous at Christmastime with all of the lights.
  • The Size / City Layout. I've always said that Lubbock is the perfect college town because it's big enough to get into a little trouble, but not big enough to get into too much trouble. There are enough restaurants/retail stores to make you feel a little at home if you're from a big city, but not enough that you aren't very appreciative when you go home to Dallas/Houston/Austin and have access to anything you want. And it's SO easy to get around in. All the streets in one direction are numbered, all the streets the other way are alphabetized. Easy as pie.
  • Cheap Booze, anyone? Ahhh the drink specials. Penny pitchers, dollar drink fridays, cheap chimy's margaritas, dollar schooners. The list goes on and on. After six years of paying $7.00 for a vodka soda at Dallas bars, I am looking forward to a night out where I can take a $20 bill with me and be all set.
  • Chimy's, Rosa's Cafe, and Josie's.  Chimy's makes the best margarita/quesadilla combination I've ever had.  Rosa's Cafe was a staple after Chapter on Monday nights. And Josie's is a fine Lubbock institution that sells breakfast tacos 24 hours a day AND has Big Red on tap, need I say more? 
  • Nostalgia. Of course, the nostalgia. Driving around seeing all the spots where our crazy college shananigans took place.  Here are a few doozies:
The fountain. As Tech tradition goes (or so we heard), it is customary to run through the fountain at the front of campus your senior year in your skivvys. Four of my sorority sisters and I took the opportunity to do this after our Chi-O senior night out. We all went out that night with red and black feather boas on, so we felt it only appropriate to accessorize our undies with the boas. 

Long story short: cops were summoned, getaway car was lost, people were separated, ultimately leading to three of us in a wet, feathery dogpile behind a retaining wall, giggling when suddenly police flashlights appeared out of nowhere. We tried to play it off that we were not, in fact, the girls running through the fountain when the cop looked at us and smugly held up a sopping wet feather boa he had fished out of the fountain that just so happened to match ours and said "oh really, then whose is this?"  Busted.

Conference Cafe. This place was known as being "the" spot if you were underage. You could literally walk up with the ID of a 6 foot tall tranny named Bob, and as long as it said you were of age- you were in. The first time I went after I turned 21, I gave the doorguy my ID and he gave it the usual passing glance, but I made him look at it again and told him "look it's really me!!". He laughed and wished me happy birthday.

The SAE house... also known as our second home. We spent many nights here laughing, dancing, crying, sneaking in, sneaking out, falling in love (and on occasion, out), playing blackjack, playing DJ, hiding toilet paper, and in general acting like we owned the place. 

All of my best girlfriends dated (at least one) SAE at one time or another in college. And even though out of all those relationships, only one is still going strong, I can speak for all of us when I say that house will always hold a special place in our hearts.


So on that note, I'm headed West!  I hope we'll have a chance to pass by/eat at/reminisce about some of the above places.  And even more hopefully, with all ten fingers crossed, we'll be able to use our homefield advantage to BEAT UT!

Have a good weekend everyone!


The Connaughton's said...

Thank you for all of those memories....and for the getaway car....I had nothing to do with leaving ya'll behind!! Have fun and miss you all tons!!!


deathtochina834 said...

:( i miss lubbock so much i was born there lived there for almost 10 years im 18 now in missouri and i just wish i was back in good old lubbock texas i miss it :(