Monday, September 20, 2010

Roadtrip Recap

Lubbock was a blast, as always. The Red Raiders started off strong, but fell a little short after half time. A win would have been lovely, but we had a great time either way.  Trip highlights:
  1. Alex and I tried "kalf fries" for the first time. Our friend Katy had a tailgate and they were frying batch after batch of them. If you are not familiar with the term, they are (no joke) cow testicles that are battered and fried. Kind of weird and gross, I know... but they actually weren't too bad. 
  2. I ran into my ex-boyfriend, Brian, tailgating before the game. He was with his little sister that I hadn't seen since before we stopped dating (a decade ago, literally). She was 10 at the time and now she's a senior at Tech. So bizarre! She's the president of her sorority and just gorgeous. It was really fun to catch up with her and see her all grown up.
  3. The game! Even though we didn't win, I thought we held on pretty well considering the caliber of team we were playing and the significant changes we have gone through in our coaching staff in the last year. Mark went to UT and we have an annual, long-standing dinner bet. He has a tendency to be very "specific" (read: high maintenance) with his requests so I am anxious to see what he comes up with for this one. I was running my mouth pretty hard before the game so it should be a doozy.
Some pictures from the trip:
You know it.  

Every good roadtrip starts with a big red and some authentic beef jerky (authentic = not the mass produced crap you would be able to find in New York or California.)

Game Day!

Al and I trying the kalf fries. Decent, but I think I'll be sticking with chicken tenders from here on out.

Cute football cookie used to take the cow-ball taste out of my mouth.

Al and Ryan.

We were playing around with some of our favorite apps at the tailgate. Incredibooth is a fun one if you have an iPhone 4 (not trying to be a tech snob- I'm pretty sure you have to have the front facing camera that's only on the 4 in order for it to work).

Ryan and I. The last pic was supposed to be guns up... guess he wasn't feelin' it. Stay classy, San Diego.

And my new favorite app that Ryan showed me, FatBooth. Also known as the reason I am hitting the gym tonight. And tomorrow. And Wednesday. It's a great motivator, don't you think? 

The girls posing while I tried to discretely take a picture of the tshirt Texas fan behind them. It was funny because I was trying to be sneaky but this guy wanted his picture taken. So I ended up just walking up to him and asking him to smile. He was really nice, but I have my doubts that legit Texas students (guys) would dare sport a burnt orange longhorn cowboy hat.  I could be wrong though...

Our new Texas friends. They were good sports and didn't rub the score in too much. Oh yeah- and they were born in 1992. 

I. Am. Old.

Another curious thing that we noticed amongst the youth: bows, everywhere. I could probably be considered a girly girl... so I can appreciate a well-placed bow or ruffle. But these were not your subtle, discreetly feminine while still maintaining your maturity as an adult woman, bows.  These were giant bows appropriate for someone who attends grade school- not a university. 

We were so confused by this playground-appropriate trend that we had to take a picture of the girl on the left. She was a cute girl (and just one of the many that we saw sporting one of these), but she needs to lose the bow. And sit up straight. 

Wow... I seriously AM getting old.

See ya LBK... until next time! Let's try to brush up on that offense in the meantime, s'il vous plait.


melissa said...

Can't believe you ate fried cow testicles - too funny! And I so love that you posted your FatBooth picture! Looks like it was a great weekend. And um, since when are people who were born in 1992 not in diapers?!?! If you'll excuse me, I have to go cry and ponder where my youth went.

Jodi McCauley said...

So impressed you ate cow balls! Didn't know people did that down here. In the nw they are known as Rocky Mountain Osyters. Also very jealous of your photobooth app. Might have to get an iPhone 4 just for that app. I am laughing my ass off at your "fat" picture! Love it...bring on the cow balls :-)

Walker said...

Hey, I'm a little resentful of the jerky comment. Now I know the pride Texas takes in the authenticity of it's meats (smoked and otherwise), but why ya gotta pick on California? The best jerky I've ever tasted came from there.