Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Chef Stalking... Bobby Flay Edition

First it was Giada.... and then Michael. Now, I can add the one and only Bobby Flay to the list!  The founder of Mesa Grill, Iron Chef and writer of many cookbooks was in Dallas on Tuesday.

Central Market is having this glorious little event right now called "Hail to the Cheese". I am lover of all types of food but cheese holds a special place in my heart. Because of this, I have been checking around online to see what events are coming up.

So late Tuesday afternoon I was perusing the Dallas food blogs and saw a post that said "Click here to find out what celeb chef is in town!". I'm not going to lie, it only slightly piqued my interest because I figured it would probably be the fifth runner-up to Top Chef 2 or something of that sort. So imagine my delight, when I clicked and was on the receiving end of the much spoken about trickery of the under promise and over deliver!

The post informed me that Flay would be at the Borders on Preston and Royal at 5pm... it was 4:15. I admit, I paused ever-so-slightly before I clicked on my "forward-to-cell" and hopped in the car. These things can be quite a beat down, but Bobby Flay is definitely towards the top of my list (only trumped by Tyler and Rocco, in case you were wondering).

He was there signing copies of his new book, Throwdown. By the time I got there at 5:30 they had run out of it but you could have him sign any of his cookbooks.... of which they had 12 left across all titles in the entire Borders. That's right folks, he sold every copy of his new cookbook and without a doubt every. single. book. with his face on it in the place. And you wonder why they go on book tours. Insane.

I ended up buying Grill It, which I love so far. The book is focused on key ingredients and gives you five or so recipes for each in a section. So say you are hungry for asparagus but don't know what recipe- it has a whole section just on asparagus with different methods of preparation. It plays well to my ADD tendencies. Okay Natalie, we don't have to plan an entire menu just pick a main ingredient and then we can explore the options from there.... love it!

Back to the book signing. While I loved Giada's book signing because they had snacks made from her cookbook that they passed out to the line, Bobby's line moved much faster. And since the point of buying the cookbook is to, ya know, cook from it- I'll take the faster line any day. I was in-and-out in an hour, he was very friendly, AND they let you take pictures!  Win-win-win!

So here ya go, my Food Network Stalker Moment, Part III. Or IV or if you count this.

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Maggie said...

You are so cute! I must have this dress.

(Bobby Flay: also cute.)