Monday, October 11, 2010

Moose Monday - New Friends

Yesterday I had a Sunday Funday of an atypical kind- I spent all day driving around the outskirts of DFW looking at puppies with my parents. I have to admit- not a bad way to spent an afternoon. Before you jump to conclusions- I am not replacing moose.

My brother hinted to my mom a few months ago that a puppy would make a great wedding gift. We grew up with dogs, but neither he nor wife have had a dog since being out on their own. So I guess he figured my mom would be better qualified to pick out a good-natured puppy and as an added bonus- might help the pup get a head start on potty training. I'll give you one guess as to his breed of choice. Yep, a wiener dog... naturally.

So yesterday was the big day, and we ended up coming home with not one, but TWO puppies. My mom is officially the crazy dachshund lady and couldn't stand being around all those puppies without adopting one as well. My poor dad just shook his head. Although I'm not one to talk... there was a cutie of a runt that I fell in love with, but honestly, I like moose as an only 'child' and held strong despite the puppy breath and waggy tails.

Here are some pictures from the hunt:
This little guy was one of my favorites. I'm a sucker for the light brown noses, but the breeder didn't appear to take very good care of her puppies. I almost wanted to adopt him just to get him away from her, but you never know what kind of problems they might have coming from a home like that.

 The second breeder with his arms full.

The boys out of that litter.

 The one on the left was a chunk with a lot of extra skin and reminded me of moose when he was a puppy. Too cute.

Look at all those rolls!

And the two lucky dogs that got adopted! 

The babies sleeping with Bentley who LOVES them already. He wouldn't leave them alone and kept trying to herd them.

All ready for the trip to Phoenix to be delivered!

We have been sending pictures to my brother and Whitney and my mom got a text back from her earlier that said she had already been looking at Halloween costumes for him. So it's looking like he's going to end up just as spoiled as the rest of them!


melissa said...

Such cute lil' pups!

The Leinwetters said...

i can almost smell the puppy breath! i'm totally melting!1!1