Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Phoenix Trip

I know I'm a little late on this, but I had so much fun in Phoenix last weekend that I had to post. As you all know my best friend, Brianna, is having twins in November and her baby shower was in Phoenix. Since my brother and new sister-in-law live there as well, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to head west for a long weekend.

We had a blast.  I flew out late in the week and spent Thursday night with Onna. We had dinner with her parents and then passed out in front of the TV around 9pm watching Law and Order... aaaahhh the craziness that ensues when visiting a pregnant lady. My liver was probably a touch confused.

We did have a little excitement the next morning when I saw a scorpion crawling across the ceiling. Not wanting to put the preggo in harm's way, I quickly assumed the role of scorpion killer.
Our bug killing gear.

Success!  Dead scorpion smushed on a box. 

After the hard work, we decided to have breakfast. When staying with one who is knocked up, the breakfast menu can get very interesting/unhealthy/unconventional very quickly.

Friday afternoon, Onna dropped me off at Postino to meet up with my brother and Whit. This is apparently a Phoenix hotspot bc everyone I talked to about it, raved. We had a great bottle of wine that I plan on hunting down in Dallas called Immortal Zin.  And some deeelicious bruschetta:
After that we headed to a sports bar by their house. Whitney's two brother's were supposed to also fly in from California but ended up not being able to make it. So naturally we had to text them this pic to show them how much fun we were having without them: 
We thought we were funny, but come to find out they were having just as much fun without us at the Band of Horses concert in San Francisco. 

New sisters-in-law!

Clint and Whit playing Golden Tee- I learned there is quite a rivalry between them...

... which if I had to guess by this face, Whit won this time around.

Saturday morning I got up and drove back out to Onna's house for the baby shower. Let me just tell you- a baby needs A LOT of stuff, but twins. Wowza. It was insane.

Saturday night we took advantage of Phoenix's restaurant week and headed to Bourbon Steak. Very swanky... my favorite part was their wine storage when you first walk in the restaurant.

Sunday we woke up and put a pork loin in the crockpot in preparation to have pulled pork for dinner and headed out to the bar to watch football all day. Poor Whit probably was looking forward to a female ally to make her weekend football free for once, but fantasy has officially ruined me.  However, she did get to sport her new Cowboys shirt that made the trip from Dallas. 

I left bright and early Monday morning. I'm already looking forward to my trip back after the babies are born! Especially since by that time it (hopefully) won't be 105 degrees anymore.

Thank you again to all my wonderful hosts for the weekend!  I had a GREAT time! Love you and see you soon!!


Walker said...

We loved having you and you are of course welcome back anytime!!


PinkLouLou said...

Looks like so much fun! I like all that wine too...mmmm