Sunday, October 3, 2010

September in Pictures

Jules and I out at the Loon after an interesting girls dinner at Craft. Loved, loved, loved Craft last time I went but this time it didn't live up to it's previously set standard. I guess everyone has to have an off-night, but at least we still had fun afterward!

I dogsat for my parents over Labor Day and decided to take all three to White Rock Dog Park. People for sure looked at me like I was the crazy dachshund lady. They did really well considering they are suburb dogs and aren't very socialized. Actually probably better than moose who, once again, got a bit amorous with whoever he could find and forced us to leave early.

Reason #497 why I'm not ready for kids. During said dogsitting weekend I found this on the floor. Thank goodness none of the dogs appeared to be hurt or bleeding from the mouth, but come on! Chewing on a razor?!? Not smart, wiener, not smart.
I love this picture. It was taken when Brianna was in town at the grand opening of Nosh, the new concept by Chef Avner Samuel. The side view of her pregnant belly is too cute.

 In the center of the bar there is a flatscreen that shows all the action in the kitchen. I know I'm dorkier than most, but I just thought that was so cool!

My mom and my sweet cousin, Kinley.  Her big thing these days is getting married. Her dad is her most frequent choice of groom... can't wait to remind her of this in 15 years. 

Kinley's precious sister, Cameron, who actually let me give her a bottle! I'm not exactly a baby whisperer (to say they least) so when they actually like me I get REALLY excited! So sweet.

My parents returned the dogsitting favor when we went to Lubbock for the Tech vs. UT game. She sent me this picture of all of them in their TTU gear. Bentley (front) looks quite disgruntled being dressed up.

 Moose apparently got his front paws out of this shirt resulting in it riding down a little bit..... annnd then he used the restroom. Through his Tech jersey. Poor dog, but it was so funny we had to take a picture!
Alex getting iced. It wouldn't be a college roadtrip without a little icing. That's what all the young kids are doing these days, right?

Flynn got reverse iced after she tried to sneak one into the shower with Al and got caught (don't worry- they got me too).

Just a PSA that, with jeans, fit is everything. Let's keep those muffin tops to a minimum, ladies. It should be noted that she was wearing stilettos with this killer outfit. At 11am on a Tuesday. At Target.

Mama/daughter date night at Scardello. Great selection of cheeses, very knowledgeable and helpful staff, and fun events all make this place one of our new favorites. Now if we could just get them to trash the juice glasses for something proper (i.e. with stems) to serve the wine in...

 One of our great reps brought moose a toy last Friday. As if he is not spoiled enough, now he has virtual strangers bringing him toys to play with. Can I come back as him in my next life?

 I got this text after wishing one of my friends I don't talk to very often a happy birthday. I have no idea who BiG DADDY is or why he signs his name like that, but apparently I had an outdated number.  Too funny.

Yet another reason to love fall- the October issue of Martha Stewart and all the cooking mags chalk-full of soul soothing deliciousness, page after page.

On that note- Happy Fall, everyone!


PinkLouLou said...

Ha ha this text is cracking me up. Hysterical.

Mrs.Harl said...

Hey girl! I'm back to blogging and glad I found you again on here! I always LOVED your posts. Now, to figure out how to "follow" you... hmmmm :)
Tarah Harl