Saturday, November 6, 2010

October in Pictures

October felt like a slow month, but looking back at the pictures it definitely doesn't seem that way!  So... here ya go, October in Pictures:

I typed this on the ESPN message board for my fantasy football opponent and had to take a picture because it's just so funny the differences between guy trash talking and girl trash talking. We had all just found out that Caroline (my opponent) was pregnant with twins, so of course I couldn't say something rude without congratulating her on the good news!

Texas/OU weekend. Julie and her sweet niece, Taylor. This was back when we still bothered to watch the Tech games. Oh wait, this was also back when they were actually televised. It's a little hard to watch your team play when they are so bad that broadcasters don't even bother putting them on TV.  Grrr....

Julie's hubs apparently getting some practice with Taylor's baby doll. The man would have babies yesterday if he could only convince Jules.

October was filled with LOTS of Grey's Anatomy.  I missed the season five finale and therefore wouldn't watch any of season six until I had seen that. I finally came out of the dark ages and got Netflix so I could catch up. It was over 20 episodes to get through in less than two weeks... as you can see I even watched episodes while cooking. Hello McSteamy!

My pregame spread for the Tech/Baylor game. Half the crew bailed at the last minute so we had TONS of leftovers, but hey... at least it looked cute, right? And leftover breakfast casserole is definitely not a bad thing to have.

I was particularly fond of these cups and shoved mine in my purse to get it past the rent-a-cops on power trips at the stadium. Seriously, it's a styrofoam cup. An EMPTY one. BUT I also shoved an extra beer in there which proved to be quite handy once we realized that even though the game wasn't on a campus, college games = still no beer sales. Plus one for the giant purse!

MORE BOWS! We observed this curious phenomenon at the Tech/UT game and apparently it's not just a Lubbock thing, because these Baylor girls were also rocking some giant preschool hair accessories. I just don't get it. There are actually four giant bows in this one picture, can you find them all??

Me, Brynn, Alison, and Alex at the game. Media hookups landed us fancy tickets and while suites at the Cotton Bowl aren't exactly your Jerry-world caliber experience, the shade ended up being priceless since it was a very warm day.

All the red shirts flowing out of the stadium... a fun sight to see.

We decided to ride some of the crazy rides before the fried food consumption began. This one looked crazy, but wasn't all that bad bc they had you strapped in so tight. Which was probably a good thing considering I was wearing a dress.

I forgot the name of this spinny ride, but it was so much fun. Again, a dress- not the best option for the state fair. You're welcome creepy guy that kept staring at me from the line while I tried my hardest to keep my hemline from flying up.

When it came to food, we divided and conquered. Everyone went off on their own and got some sort of fried deliciousness and then we met back and shared everything. The funnel cake was probably the winner in my book. The fried beer was nasty.

As you can see between five of us, we managed to do a pretty good job knocking it out.

 Jacque & Cutler during their first dance as husband and wife. Stunning.

Jules, Al, and I at the wedding. The one-shouldered pink dress was purchased specifically for this occasion as an attempt to cover up the giant bruise the State Fair left me with on my arm. (that you can still unfortunately manage to see...)

Scott, Brynn, Jacque, Cutler, and David at the wedding. For you loyal m&l followers, David is the cutie from Atlanta that taught me how to shag. ;)  And you can kind of see the amazing flowers behind them.

E, B, me, Al, and Autumn. 

This picture cracks me up and pretty much sums up the night. Alex's face, me looking unhappy to have my picture taken so late in the night, E posing perfectly, Patrick covering his face up, and Marc looking like he's about to go schmooze someone. Classic all the way around. Such a fun wedding!

 Moose and Corkscrew-the other puppy- hanging out at the office.

Dave and Val, my brother's in-laws came to visit Dallas and I got to hang out with them Sunday after the wedding. They are big golfers so we naturally had to take them to Top Golf. Don't my mom and Val look like sisters?!

 I may have hit one ball that flew off the tee the wrong way so Val took to ducking anytime I busted out the driver.

Backwards flying balls and all, I still managed to squeak one past Dave. Val was another story...

If you watched any of the World Series, you may have noticed the Rangers "Antlers Up" business. Games four and five were Halloween weekend, so I busted out his moose costume so he could get in the Halloween and/or Ranger Spirit. Doesn't he look happy about it?

Here's to November and Turkey Day!