Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tapas & Vino

I love getting new restaurant and wine recs from blogs (I think Kate turned half the blogosphere on to Vinho Verde when she raved about her collegiate study abroad discovery. Which if you haven't had it, VV is a slightly effervescent white that's perfect for a hot summer day). So I thought I would share the love and tell you about two new favorites that I discovered last weekend:

Si Tapas. I went to this little hole in the wall for the first time Friday night. My dinner date, Erika, had been there before with her husband and raved about it. I hadn't really found a tapas place in Dallas that I'm over the moon about. In fact, I'm not really over the moon about tapas in general, but this place was delish. It's in a quaint little house tucked back off Allen Street in Uptown.

Everything about it was wonderful. Good wine, good atmosphere, and good food. We started with the Idiazabal Cheese and then got this amazing steak that was extremely tender and sliced really thin with a delicious potato cake (sadly, I don't remember the names of either of those. But everything was so good that you don't need to know, if you're in Dallas- just go!

Hop Kiln Grenache. Sunday night I went to my parents' house to make the dressing for Thanksgiving (we call it dressing, not stuffing- my Mississippi/Louisiana elders get a little feisty when you call it "stuffing"). After we got it in the freezer (and a tiny pan in the oven), we cracked open the celebratory wine.

My parents love Napa and tend to start purchasing en masse four or five wineries in- thus forgetting what they purchased until it arrives on their doorstep. So my mom grabbed a bottle of this not knowing much about it since they were trashed hadn't had it since their tasting at Hop Kiln. We were all pleasantly surprised. It was so good that we immediately went online to see if they were still selling it, and low and behold- the 2008 Grenache is not only still available but on sale for 50% off if you purchase a case. This comes to about $11/bottle, so if you trust my taste in wine, click here and order some for yourself.


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melissa said...

I love a good wine recommendation - thanks! Tempranillo is a favorite of mine - was that a good one?