Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas in the Desert

Can you believe that Christmas is this week?! I hope all of you are enjoying your families, time-off, and have all your shopping done!

Tonight we are doing "round two" of celebrations. We used to switch off between my mom and dad's families year-to-year, alternating Thanksgiving and Christmas. But with my grandparents moving to Dallas and Clint getting married, a lot has changed this year (for the better!).

Luckily, we still managed to figure out a way to spend time with everyone. We will be celebrating with my grandparents tonight, my mom's family this weekend, and we made a weekend trip a couple weeks ago to see Clint & Whit. It's been busy, but I love it!

Here was round one of the festivities in Phoenix:

Since my parents' and brother's puppies are from the same litter, we decided to take Corkscrew with us to Phoenix so they could see each other. He did really well on the plane with the exception of a few hollers. Of course, he didn't quite stay in his carrier the entire time either. He started there, but eventually made his way into our laps covered by pashminas. 

Saturday we shopped all day and then later hunted down this extremely authentic Italian place that my dad used to love. Our waiter had worked there for 25+ years and had earrings and a curly, blond Michael Bolton-esque mullet. He was very abrupt- borderlining on rude- as only a true New Yorker can get away with, but the food was really good.

We finished the night polishing off a few bottles of wine while we played Apples to Apples.

Sunday morning we woke up and had breakfast and opened gifts. My parents got a sewing machine for Whit and she and my mom literally made an entire quilt top in about four hours. Granted it was a small one, but still... we were all very impressed!
That night we made "Christmas" dinner including steaks with a red wine sauce, grilled chicken, and the pumpkin creme brulee I'd been wanting to try (sadly, not worth the effort!). Whitney was excited because she got to use the china they received at their wedding for the first time.
After dinner, much to my dad's initial dismay (and later delight!), we went to see the luminaries at the Desert Botanical Garden. It was beautiful, perfect weather and all the musical acts were really good. Our favorites were the hand-bells and this feisty violin player (bottom left) that had a great sense of humor.

{Sidenote: They really should market this differently, as it was more of a music festival with luminaries than luminaries with musical guests. I think they would have a much better chance of getting guys to set the remote down if they focused on the music and hot toddies instead of the thousands of candles in paper sacks.}

Anyways, it was a great weekend and the perfect way to kick off the holiday season!  Merry Christmas week to everyone!

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Anonymous said...

I love the never-ending holiday celebrations!! Hope you continue to enjoy time with the family!!