Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas Wishes

We are a 'wishlist' family. We have done it this way every since my brother and I were little when we would dog ear, star, and double star the Toys R Us catalog. I know some might view this as tacky, but for us it just makes life a bit easier to know what the giftee would enjoy.

This certainly doesn't mean that thoughtfulness goes out the window... one of my favorite gifts last year was a box that had a big bag of potting soil, hand shovels, a pair of gardening gloves, and a giftcard to Home Depot from my mom. I used to lug my pots to Plano to plant at the change of every season, so she got me everything I needed to urban garden at my townhouse. It was great! So while we all try to sneak in some fun surprises into our gift giving, we always rely heavily on the trusty list.

It must be the nosiness in me, but I LOVE looking at other people's lists. It's fun to see what different people are lusting after and I have been known to steal an idea or two from my snooping.

Since we are just around the corner, I thought I would share a few of the things that I would be excited to see under the tree this year:

Christmas Wishes
  1. Coco Mademoiselle. I have been wearing this for years and just love the scent. I keep thinking I should try something new but it never seems to happen. I guess there's nothing wrong with sticking with a good classic.
  2. White Dishes. Some of you may remember this post from awhile back. I ended up buying one of each of the plates and have been using them for the last few months. And after an embarrassing amount of time debating, I've decided to go with the essential which is the more modern of the two. The thought of getting rid of my current plates has me so excited that I've had daydreams about my-big-fat-greek-wedding-ing my current set of dishware.
  3. Oona Serving Pieces. The serving set that matches my silverware. I am also in need of an extra placesetting since a few seem to have made their way to that mysterious place where these things go to disappear. Seriously, how do you lose things like forks and socks?!
  4. Rosle Locking Tongs. I am pretty damn good at rationalizing shopping purchases, but I have yet to join the ranks of women who can rationalize spending $600 on a pair of shoes. However, I've definitely come to see the light in buying nicer kitchen accessories. Everyone has their "thing" and for me, I will continue to shop at DSW if it means I can buy $40 garlic presses that just work better. But back to the tongs, they are more expensive than normal tongs but they use some sort of gravitational ball bearing to close when you turn them tong side up and open when you turn the tong side down. Brilliant. {sidenote: I still oogle the red-soled beauties when I pass them by- and certainly don't judge others for their impeccable taste in footwear- I just have other priorities at this stage in my life. Like rent.}
  5. Global Chef's Knife. Santa so generously brought me several of my knives last Christmas. I did my research before the 2009 holidays and after talking to several Chef friends, decided to go with Globals (I'm not going to lie, this hilarious story might have had something to do with it as well). You can easily buy an entire block of cheaper knives for what a couple of really good knives cost, but I decided I would rather just get one or two Globals and go from there since you rarely use all knives in a block anyways. I have been extremely happy with them and treat them like they are my children (aka, I just about died when a male friend, who shall remain nameless, put one tip-down in the dishwasher). Out of the four I have, I use the 7" Santoku the most, so a Chef's knife would be a good addition.
  6. West Elm Pin-Tuck Shams. I left one of my pillows that matched my duvet in a hotel and CB2 no longer carries the pattern. SO annoying, but I found these dark charcoal shams that would probably go well with the rest of my bedding.
  7. Knife Block. I currently have my knives them in those drawer racks, but they are so pretty that I'd love to have them out on the counter. And since the matching knife block is $150, I found this Crate & Barrel alternative.
  8. Isi Twist & Sparkle. Anything that can make a mojito even better than it already is has a special place in my heart. You can essentially add 'sparkle' to anything imaginable. Just throw your cocktail (or juice, I suppose, but come on- let's get real here...) of choice into the bottle, twist the cartridge charged top on, and voila! sparkly mojitos, margaritas, or whatever your little heart desires!
  9. Scarves. This is probably my favorite part of winter. I've lost a couple and set one on fire, so I'm looking to add a few to my collection. I love the infinity scarves, but have never bought one for some reason.
  10. Apple TV. My brother and parents both have one and use it quite a bit. With the iPad, I'm sure I'll be downloading more and more movies digitally. Using Apple TV you can play movies on your iPad or iPhone and watch them on your TV. Pretty cool.
And two that are a bit odd (but really, not that odd since Oprah always has edibles on her favorite things list):

Hop Kiln Winery's Mustard of the Month Club.

Not kidding. I am a mustard lover (most likely thanks to my mayo aversion) and this stuff is so good. I cracked up when my cousin-in-law added this to her list after seeing it on mine. Nice to know I'm not the only crazy one!

Boudin Sourdough Bread.
I absolutely love this bread. I have been known to haul
suitcases full of it back from California. I just realized they also have a sourdough bread club. For $14.95 a month you get two loaves sent to your house. How am I just now finding out about this?!?

Does anyone else out there put food on their wishlists?

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melissa said...

A sourdough bread club? You shut your mouth! As a former resident of SF, I miss good sourdough like nobody's business. This is going on my Christmas list - now!