Thursday, December 16, 2010

One month!

In exactly a month, my mom and I will be off to Hawaii!  We got the first batch of trip information two weeks ago and they booked our flights yesterday! After much discussion, we also booked our four excursions (we changed this probably seven times, no lie):

Monday: Whale Watching Catamaran Sail & Snorkeling Trip
Tuesday: Maui Waterfalls and Rainforest Hike
Wednesday: Zipline Ka'anapali 
Thursday: West Maui Helicopter Tour

Spa treatments were also an option, but we figured we should book the adventure type things and if we wanted to do the spa on our own, we could. I'm thinking it wouldn't be smart to pass up the spa at the Four Seasons. 

Friday they have a shopping shuttle to Lahaina that runs all day. Since scuba and my mom don't mix very well, I'm going to get up early Friday morning and do two dives. By the time I'm done and get back to the hotel it should be perfect timing to meet up with her and go shopping!

Still no dice on convincing The Dot to skydive. I've been trying (meanwhile my dad is upping both our insurance policies) but she's not caving... yet. My brother brought up a good point though- you can't skydive and scuba dive within I think three days of each other due to the huge altitude differences. I definitely don't want to end up spending my vacation in a decompression chamber so it might have to wait for another time.

So that's all we have planned at the moment. It's a pretty full week so hopefully we'll be able to fit some hammock time and fruity cocktail drinking in there somewhere!

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Katie said...

You are going to LOVE zip lining! I did it in St. Lucia and it's awesome! I wish I had taken video!!

I also did a helicopter tour excursion in St. Lucia and it was amazing - such a cool way to see an island!

You are going to have so much fun!