Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Smiling's my favorite!

Around Christmas-time my nickname amongst my family is "Elf". I wrap probably 75% of the gifts in our family. I'm pretty good at it (and actually kind of like doing it... shhh!), so everyone always comes to me to be their one-stop giftwrap department.

Typically my mom negotiates an extra day off for me during the holidays by threatening Bossdad that if I don't come elf* for her, he'll have to do it. Most years it works like a charm, but this year we've just been too busy and as a result I think she's a bit snowed under.

* "elf" used as a verb = the act of elfing, also known as wrapping gifts.

She just called me at work and this was our conversation:
  • The Dot: So I was just pondering tonight and was wondering what your plans were for after we left Mamaw & Papaw's house? 
  • Me: (seeing the writing on the wall)..... um, elfing at your house would be my guess?
  • The Dot: Oh good! (said so innocently) Why don't you bring your jammies? 
  • Me: Why do I need to bring pajamas to elf?
  • The Dot: Well, because I have lots of wine and I like the idea of a tipsy, captive elf that I can keep working into the wee hours of the night.
If I wasn't 28, I would consider calling CPS to report her for attempting to use alcohol to entice her offspring into a form of child slave labor. But I guess I'll let her slide this time since I'm of-age (and cookies and wine are involved).


Jodi McCauley said...

I'm taking note of these great parental ideas! Booze and child labor...genius

Anonymous said...

Haha!! Love the bribe, I'd totally jump at the chance. I love wine, wrapping and cookies :)