Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice

What a weekend! It's Wednesday and I'm just now getting around to blogging about it, but better late than never, right? It was a fun one filled with celebrations of new houses, birthdays, and babies!

Jodi's baby shower was Sunday at my parent's house in Plano so I spent the entire weekend (aside from Saturday night when I had a housewarming/birthday party) in full-on party planning mode: cooking, diaper cake making, and errand running. All the hard work paid off in the end and I think it turned out pretty damn cute {if I do say so myself!}. I can't take all the credit though- I had plenty of help from the three other fabulous hostesses. The mommy-to-be said it looked like something out of a magazine. That might be the best compliment I've ever received on a party I've hosted! Love it- watch your back, Martha Stewart!

Anyways, on to the good stuff... pictures! (I stole all these off Jodi's blog bc I'm lazy and liked her picture collage making deal):

The set-up.
We had ham & cheese sliders, pasta salad, stuffed mushrooms, pinwheels, veggie bars, fruit skewers with strawberry dip, cupcakes, and a candy bar (and a non-edible diaper cake). Check back Friday for the recipes.

The details.
{top left} Angie made these adorable "wish cards" for Jodi to keep. Every guest filled out our hopes for baby Madison and also filled out an envelope with their address so Jodi didn't have to hunt down everyone's info to write thank you notes while taking care of an infant.

{top right} The champagne bar menu. We had bottles of bubbly iced down in a silver bucket surrounded by different mixers in little pitchers. It was adorable, but sadly we didn't get a picture.

{bottom} For the favors I made individual bundt cakes and we tied them with little tags that said "Thank you for coming to celebrate Jodi's bunt in the oven!" (bunt/bundt, po-tay-to/po-tat-o! look how cute they are!)

The "Madison" sign Rachel made and the onesie clothes line. Jodi went to Oregon State, hence the "lil Beaver" onesie.

{top} The hostesses: Meredith, Angie, myself, Rachel.
{bottom} Jodi's mom, JJ, Jodi's mother-in-law.

I think the mama-to-be had a great time and she got a lot of good gear, including three bath tubs and two video monitors (get your head in the game, Buy Buy Baby!). But luckily, she is still going to be able to use everything despite the registry mishap since she is taking the extras to the grandparents' houses.

It was my first time throwing a baby shower and I have to say that in some ways it was more fun than the wedding showers I've done. You can definitely do more in the way of decorations and such. I'm sure this is only the first of many to come so I'm hoping the next one will be a little boy, because I am dying to copy some of these shower ideas from Eat Drink Pretty. Adorable!

Big thanks to The Dot for allowing us to take over their house in the middle of crazy Christmas prep and for all her help! She is always there to save the day when it's five minutes to party time and I'm still in a tshirt and yoga pants.

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