Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Big Plans Thwarted

I have this picture in my bathroom that my parents bought me a few years ago:

If you can't read the wording, it says:

Your job is to focus on my personal happiness, she said. And I've got big plans so break time is over.*

My parents have always teased me that I expect the world to revolve around me. I think it's a youngest child thing and definitely not one of my best attributes. However, it's become a bit of joke in my family to the point that now I'll call my mom and start a conversation with, "so, I know this might be a little 'revolve around me world' but do you think you might be able to help me with ____?".

Sometimes I just have very definitive views on how things should go and when they don't go that way, well... I just don't like it. I typically stop short of stomping my foot and throwing a temper tantrum but not always.

So with that being said, let me stop here and say that the following is likely to come across very bratty in nature and I am very aware that I am so incredibly blessed to even have the opportunity to have the following "problem". But it is what it is:

The state of Hawaii is just not cooperating with me.

I had grand plans of scuba diving at least once, maybe twice on our trip. However, our schedule is not looking like it's going to allow that to happen.

See there is this little danger with scuba diving called "The Bends" that is apparently not-so-much fun. The Bends is caused when your body isn't given enough time to adjust from altitude variances. This is why, when you dive, you always have to maintain a controlled ascent back to the surface and can't just puff up your life vest and shoot to the top. I'm not sure the exact symptoms of The Bends but I've always pictured divers flopping around like a fish on the boat dock while foaming at the mouth. Again, not scientific or even very likely, but that's just where my wild little imagination takes me.

Most divers know not to shoot to the top, so the most common cause of The Bends is flying within 24 hours of diving. Here's our trip schedule:
  • Sunday: Arrive.
  • Monday: Can't dive because it's within 24 hours of arrival.
  • Tuesday: Can't dive because the next day we are....
  • Wednesday: Ziplining (apparently this is high enough in altitude that the same 24 hour rule applies)
  • Thursday: Can't dive because of the ziplining the day before and we are also going on a helicopter tour this day, so double whammy.
  • Friday: Can't because of the helicopter the day before and the flight the next day.
  • Saturday: Fly home.
Again, please take my sad little story with a grain of salt, because I'm really NOT complaining in the grand scheme of things... it's just that when I found out we would be arriving during whale season I got SO EXCITED because I had pretty much convinced myself I was going to see a whale underwater. Which is apparently very rare- even during whale season, but I figured where there's a will, there's a way and I WAS GOING TO WILL IT TO HAPPEN. Although I probably would have peed my wetsuit if it did, so maybe it's for the best after all.

Once I resigned my dreams of Jacques Cousteau-ing it in Maui, I turned to my other 30x30 wish, skydiving. I figured if high altitude was going to keep me from scuba diving I should just roll with the theme and cross #2 off my list instead. So I started researching... aaaand there is not a sky diving operation to be found in Maui. There is on The Big Island and Oahu, but not Maui.


Hawaii is not cooperating with me. 

I'm thinking that maybe God is trying to tell me that for some reason this is not the ideal trip for me to be attempting life threatening diving of any sort. Luckily, the whales have been migrating that direction far longer than my short, little life so maybe I'll just catch 'em on the next trip.

Even though Hawaii doesn't much care that I 'have big plans and break time is over', I have no doubt that we will still have an amazing trip. More time for mai tai's and shopping with The Dot definitely works for me!

*Now that I think about it, no wonder I'm still single! Guys probably see this on my wall and sprint for the hills! HA... maybe I should hang this picture in my closet instead of my bathroom. Note to Bossdad: NOT saying that many boys see my bathroom, but ya know, the closet is a little less conspicuous. :D


Young and Fabulous said...

aw that stinks that you cant dive! But from your schedule, looks like you're gonna have a BLAST!! Enjoy the warm weather as i freeze my tush off in Boston...21 degrees...brr!

xoxox Have fun and happy new year love!

Walker said...

First of all, "The Bends" are not caused by changes in altitude. The bends have to do with pressure, which I know is related to altitude, but in this case should not be thought of as one and the same.

When you dive you experience a greater amount of pressure than you do on the surface. This pressure causes nitrogen to go into solution in your blood and your plasma becomes supersaturated.

The opposite is true for ascending to altitude with a decrease in pressure. It is the decrease in pressure that causes nitrogen to come out of solution and to bubble.

All that is to say that since it is the decrease in pressure that is the problem, you should have no issues with diving the day after you arrive.

Problem solved. Thanks brother. :)

For more see here: http://tinyurl.com/38kh3xc

Wayne Walker said...

I believe that you should hang the picture by the front door where all the young men can see it when they come to your home. They might as well know early what they are in for.