Monday, January 24, 2011

Case of the Mondays & Moose Monday

I decided a daily vacay recap might be a little much since much of the States were covered in snow last week-  no need to rub in the 80 degree weather so I decided to just finish up with one recap a bit later this week.

Later being the operative word since I spent all today wading through emails at work. Mondays are always a bit brutal, but Mondays after a week off are borderline overwhelming. Bossdad did a great job holding down the fort though. Which was nice since my morning started off a little rough:
I'm notoriously hard on phones, but this one was pure accident. It had it's case on and it wasn't in a stupid location like the top of my car. It fell out of my lap onto the ground below when I was getting out. Not one to go without my beloved iPhone for long, we stopped by a cellphone repair place at lunch and thirty minutes and some hard earned cash later... I'm back up and running.


If both Bossdad and I leave for lunch, we typically just lock moose in the office. As long as there are no trashcans with food in them he usually does pretty well. However, when I walked into our office this afternoon, this is what I found:
He had climbed up on the conference table and helped himself to the candy bowl that we keep in the center. The candy bowl FILLED with chocolate. Thank goodness he seemed to have an issue with the wrappers. He tried M&M's, Three Musketeers, and Butterfingers but didn't have luck getting any of them open.

Such a little troublemaker.

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The Leinwetters said...

i know you are probably too cool for them, but you need an otter box. mine has saved my phone plenty of times to deal with its annoying size and the cover that sticks to your heair.

ok, i'll stop being your mom. :)