Thursday, February 3, 2011

Bridesmaids gone Hollywood

I love a good wedding movie and just saw this trailer today for one that I hadn't even heard of! It seems like the girlie equivalent to The Hangover, which lets face it- was pretty brilliant. I'm sort of on the fence about Kristin Wiig- sometimes I think she's hilarious and other times she grates on my last nerve, but as a new Damages addict- I can't wait to see Ellen Parsons as the stuck-up bridesmaid. 

I think every girl in her late-20's has a "27 Dresses" section of her closet, so I have no doubt there will be lots of funny situations we can all relate to:

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Maggie said...

Ah, I hadn't seen this yet! I'm all over this movie and that cast. Thanks for sharing!