Monday, February 7, 2011

Fairy Godmother

So this week, I officially turn 29... yikes! I'm not too knocked out with that number, but what can you do? However, I did turn into something else a lot more fun this weekend... a Godmother!

Since my birthday falls on a Wednesday this year, I went out with friends on Saturday night to celebrate. {more on that later when I get pictures from everyone!} Much to my surprise, Jodi and Matt made it out to dinner with us even though their little girl, Madison, is only two and a half weeks old. Before we sat down for dinner Jodi gave me a card "from Madi" wishing me a happy birthday and asking if I would be her Godmother!! Of course I said yes... there is no resisting this little face:

Being in my late twenties, I have helped many friends celebrate weddings and loved every second of it. The excitement, the shower-throwing, the bachelorette party- there really is nothing better to me. I've definitely got the bridesmaid thing down pat. And I feel like I've always sort of known when a friend gets engaged if I would be in the wedding party before she even asked. However, this Godmother business caught me totally off-guard!

Jodi is one of my very best friends, but even throughout the shower planning and excitement for Madi's arrival, the thought of being asked to be her Godmother never once crossed my mind. I was honestly just hoping to one day be trusted enough to get asked to babysit! I am NOT a crier, but I definitely teared up a bit. Even though there isn't really any specific, big responsibility, it is still such a neat thing to be asked to be such a permanent part of her life. What a wonderful birthday gift!

Since everyone is sure to still be on a football overload from yesterday (and also just bc I think it's pretty much the cutest thing ever), here is baby Madison saying "TOUCHDOWN"!


Maggie said...

Ahhhhh! She is too much! I adore babies with lots of hair.

Jodi McCauley said...

you are off to a GREAT start on your GM duties! This was a very sweet post. Kiki (my mom) teared up reading it.