Wednesday, February 16, 2011

January in Pictures

Um... yes, I know it's mid February. For some reason I just didn't take many pictures in January and so this post wasn't as fun as it usually is to write (hence the procrastination). I'll do better in February. Pinky swear.
Al, Jen, Theresa, E, and me at our Mad Men New Years Eve Party.
Miss Rachel, NYE.
Jodi was a champ and not only came to the party but made it until midnight! I think it's an unwritten rule that when you attend a social gathering at 9 1/2 months pregnant, dressing in theme is absolutely not required of you.
Matt, Jodi (& Madison), and E on NYE.
 E, Trey, and me ringing in 2011.
Gorgeous Dallas Sunset completely marred by Annoying Dallas Traffic. *sigh*
 One of my favorite parts of January (aside from Hawaii, obvs) was getting my first much-coveted sourdough bread shipment. Thank you to my brother & Whitney for the awesome Christmas gift!
 Moose dog snuggling up to me, post-work out. Brave guy!
Shockingly, there were even more Hawaii pictures than the ones I posted. ;)
Luau on our first night.
I was very sad because I fried my face on our first day on the island. I mean ridiculously fried. So much so that two permanent mole/freckles showed up on my forehead after we got home. The sun is not your friend, ladies.
Words cannot express how much I miss these sunrises and the whale sightings that went with them.
The most brilliant thing I've ever seen for traveling with kids. It's a suitcase, shaped like an animal, with a seat on top, that enables you to pull your kid through the airport as if it were a ride. Storage, entertainment, and a child-leash all in one? Sign me up for some of that!
My cousin introduced me to this over Christmas. It's chocolate flavored wine. Or chocolate mixed with wine. Or liquor. Or something. I don't know... stop asking me hard questions. All I know is that its chocolate and boozy and way easier than busting out four giant handles to whip up a chocolate martini. I got very excited when I ran across it at the store and had to share with all you fine people. {sold at World Market}
 A few days before Snowmageddon, Dallas had its first 70 degree day. Moose and I took full advantage and headed to the dogpark for the first time this year. It was a madhouse, as you can imagine. 
Who knew? I took the bait and tried this little experiment but he didn't just gnaw on it, he ate the whole thing. Waxy rind and all. Not sure that's how it was supposed to happen...

Hope everyone is staying warm and enjoying February!


Maggie said...

Please tell me all about this emerald green dress! Must. Have.

melissa said...

Love the Mad Men themed NYE party - how fun! And I am coveting your sourdough shipment. YUM.

Jodi McCauley said...

So funny, my mom saw the same sign at Central Market (or maybe Whole Foods, not sure) and came home and gave Kayla a rind. I was very confused but Kayla loved it!

Maggie said...

(No really, still waiting for deets on that dress)