Friday, February 4, 2011

Snowmaggedon Continued...

It was my understanding that most of the icy weather in Dallas would be cleared out by Friday at the latest. So as I was heading to bed to rest up for the inevitable return to work tomorrow, I took one last glance outside to check on the melting progress:
Um, yeah... It's snowing so hard that the white snow is making it look like dusk instead of midnight. Guess there's a chance we might be going on Day Four of staying snuggled up at home! Thank goodness for laptops and forward-to-cell!

What's funny is that four consecutive snow days in North Texas is very out of the ordinary. All these people that are in town for the Superbowl experiencing Dallas for the first time are probably going to think they hopped on the wrong plane and ended up in Denver. I'm sure Jerry Jones is freaking out right about now.

On that note, I am headed to bed... I can't wait to see what sort of winter wonderland we'll be waking up to tomorrow! I think I'll be making a big batch of french onion soup to warm up the house. With that and my faux fireplace, I'll be all set!

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