Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Trainers & Temptations - Sorry the size of your snow angel made you realize how badly you need to get to the gym
So last weekend I had my first meeting with Dan- the personal trainer at Lifetime that is putting together a work out plan for me. I specifically asked to be paired with a non-bootcamp-esque trainer since having some meathead yell in my face is not exactly my preferred brand of motivation.

I'm happy to report that we got along swimmingly- even while he was smushing my fat with those mean little pincher things that bring back horrid memories of middle school PE classes.

Our first meeting was to evaluate my overall fitness level. This involved:
  1. A mini cardio session/heartrate analysis.
  2. An upper-body strength analysis.
  3. Body Composition analysis.
  4. A flexibility test.
I was most concerned with the upper body strength analysis. My arms are fairly "squishy" and I prefer my push-ups to be of the girly, knees-down variety. I definitely have much room for improvement in that area. (i.e. Madonna need not watch her back..... yet.)

My mom works out at Lifetime as well and warned me ahead of time that they do these four tests and then tell you your "body age".  I had prepared myself for this and was fully expecting to be in the 35-40 year-old range considering that damn Wii fit thoroughly enjoys telling me that I'm like 85. However, I'm excited to report that according to my tests Saturday I am only..... *27*!!

Here's how it shook out:
  1. Cardiovascular Health: moderate.
  2. Upper Body Strength: average.
  3. Body Composition: average.
  4. Flexibility Test: off the charts bendy!!  Who woulda thought?!
Basically my flexibility is the only thing that saved my ass from having a body age older than my (already old) 29 years. But you know what? I'll take it! I guess that sporadic yoga has actually paid off. 

With the exception of having "average" body fat composition, I was pretty pleased with what I am starting with. So I (naturally) celebrated by going to brunch at Smoke the next morning for Pulled Pork Eggs Benedict and bottomless mimosas. I'm sure Dan would have been so proud.  

But oh they were worth it...

My next session is on Saturday where we will actually be working out instead of just doing 6th Grade PE testing. Hopefully he doesn't kill me.

Perhaps I can take what I learn and put together a much-needed plan for this guy:
We all know he could stand to lose a couple lb's!

Wish me luck on surviving Saturday!


melissa said...

Pulled Pork Eggs Benedict - are you serious?!?! I must have this. That sounds phenomenal.

Dotty said...

Moosie is just a victim of a bad camera angle. So unflattering!