Tuesday, March 1, 2011

February in Pictures

February is my birthmonth so it was definitely a fun one! I loved the snow days that we had in Jan/Feb, but I'm also looking forward to it warming up in March (and St. Patty's Day!!). We'll see what kind of tune I'm singing about the warm weather come August... 

February in Pictures:
As you can tell, birthdays are a Big Deal in my family so I had to laugh when I saw this card at Paper Source. I'm sure the men in the family would agree that the "month of celebration" is a little overkill. 

Dinner with friends. My birthday was on a Wednesday so we wanted to celebrate the Saturday before... which happened to be the night before the Superbowl in Dallas. Needless to say it was a bit of a nightmare finding a dinner reservation for 17, but Monica's made it happen. Snoop Dog took over the restaurant after us for a private party... shoulda stuck around! We did get to take some pictures on his red carpet backdrop though... buuut I don't have those yet *cough cough*, Alison.... 

Alex, Alison, Brynn.

The crew. I love Matt's (far left) face in this one.

Alex & Jen.

Jules' husband, Brent & me.

My friends are so amazing and definitely spoiled me, but this was by far my favorite wrapping job. It was a wine decanter wrapped in baby paper with the "card" written on the paper in sharpie. Love. It.

We ended the night at a house party right down the street from our house where we stumbled upon a fun accessories stash that included hats and glasses. We played dress-up and may or may not have shut it down at about 4am. Definitely rang in 29 as if I was 22 again.

I woke up on my actual birthday to a nice little ice/snowstorm. While I loved not having to go into the office I was a little worried about driving to the burbs for dinner with my parents that night. Luckily it melted into a slushy mess later so driving was a non-issue.

I celebrated with my parents by going to dinner at Seasons 52 and then going to see Cirque du Soliel's OVO. Reviews: Seasons 52, enjoyable but won't go back; OVO, so fun and highly recommended if it comes to your city!

Cirque du Soliel doesn't let you take pictures, but I scrounged this one of OVO up on google. {Photo Credit}

Bossdad and The Dot always do it up right- even with my dad having had back surgery a week before and most of the city being snowed in all day!  Thank you guys!

Oh you know... just your average day grocery shopping at Target in a kilt. I love my stealth grocery store "what-not-to-wear" adventures. Although nothing will ever top the mullet jeans.

My new friend we met at Smoke over bottomless mimosas. He kept telling me that I looked like Kristin Davis and called me Charlotte all afternoon. Needless to say, he was not straight and oh-so-fun to hang out with!

I am completely intrigued by this. Bacon & Chocolate Chip Pancakes? I really do think I am going to go back and buy this mix just to try it. I'm not a huge pancake lover, but I do love bacon and I do love chocolate. Seems logical? {Sold at Williams Sonoma}

Last weekend I partook* in my first ever Crawfish Boil! I can't believe that I have never done this before, especially since my mom has roots in Louisiana and I'm part coonass. ;)

*By "partook" I, of course, mean that I observed the process with great interest, occasionally poked the live crawfish with a stick, and later on, ate them.

The chefs showing off their hard work.

Crawfish for eight. We had a lot of leftovers.

The boys gettin after it.

You didn't think you were going to get through a month in pictures without seeing at least one of this cutie, did you? How adorable are those leg warmers? Ever since I used 'Fairy Godmother' as the name of this post, Jodi has adopted that as my official title, which I have to admit- I kind of love. 'Fairy Godmother' just has so much more whimsy and flair to it than simply 'Godmother', don't you think? Me too.

Happy March, everyone! Spring is just around the corner!!

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