Friday, March 4, 2011

Foodie Friday- PSA

Planting the "living" basil plants from the grocery store because you are impatient and the nurseries don't have real basil plants yet?

Apparently not as brilliant a plan as one might imagine.

I had my doubts that the tiny clump of roots would be able to keep on keepin' on once planted, but I wanted to give it a shot anyways. Oops.

So there ya go... consider this your forewarning: as much as you may be willing Spring to arrive a bit early, don't attempt to plant your grocery store-bought herbs with expectations of growth- it just won't happen.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the warning! I had seen the living basil plant in the grocery store a few weeks ago and wondered the same I know!

melissa said...

Noted. :)

Julie Ann said...

Can I suggest investing in a few succulents and/or cacti? These lovelies require sun and a spritz or two of water every few weeks. Can't get any better than that!

Ryan K said...

My basil is doing BAD :( the rest of the garden is great :)