Monday, March 14, 2011

Moose Monday

Such a lazy, lazy dog. I took this photo Saturday morning before I ventured out for the St. Patty's Day festivities in Dallas. My sweet parents were close to downtown and decided that he didn't need to be home all day by himself so they went by my house and scooped him up while we were out celebrating.

As always, the festivities on Greenville were interesting to say the least. We got in some great people watching, had a blast hanging out with old friends, and met some new ones. We decided that next year we will forgo the block party and just wander around instead. It's just such a crowded mess.

In other news: yes, I am getting old.

Luckily, we were able to dodge the unplanned afterparty that occurred at our house last year, thus saving me from having to clean up the house and post a facebook update like this the next day:

All-in-all it was a very fun day that was definitely one for the books. I do have a couple pictures, but they are rather incriminating, so we'll just stick with the above. ;) I would say that I'm already excited for next year, but I think I need a week or so to decompress from 2011 first!

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