Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Rapunzel, Rapunzel...

Yep, I decided to keep it long. As much as I wanted to chop it to liven things up a bit, I'm so happy that I refrained and kept the length. Thanks Ian!

However, I did do something new... I got a brazilian blowout!

I have had several friends get this done and tout it as a game-changer and the best thing since sliced bread. So far, I love it and would highly recommend it but with the suggestion to go in with reasonable expectations. You should not expect pin-straight, air-dried miracles.

With that being said, it is much less frizzy and much more manageable. My lazy-girl hair routine before would be to blow it dry all crazy (no round brushes) and then struggle with flat-ironing the inevitable rat's nest into submission.

Because I have no shame, I am going to show you "before and after's" of what it would look like post-blowout/pre-flat iron (WARNING: both pictures are also PRE-MAKE UP, so my apologies and you're welcome for the heads up!)

Post-blowout/pre-flat iron, BEFORE Brazilian:
A few thoughts:
1. This is why I could never have a fashion blog... I look totally creepy taking pictures of myself (well that, and I shop at Target the majority of the time).
2. Sheesh, Natalie, clean your mirror every once in awhile.
3. I think I found a new celebrity doppelganger*. I typically get Jackie-O or Lucy Hale, but the one below may be much more accurate.

Post-blowout/pre-flat iron AFTER Brazilian:
1. Again with the creepy face.
2. Yes, I did the exact same thing as the picture above- just blew it dry all crazy.
3. While it's a HUGE difference, this isn't smooth enough for me. Thus my slight disappointment over the time-saving elements of the brazilian. I still have to flat iron, but it IS much easier.
    So there you go... if you have thick/curly/frizzy hair, I highly recommend it. But please keep in mind that it doesn't magically dry to look like you've had a professional blowout. I haven't let it air-dry yet, but will be sure to let you know how that goes.  {Oh the scintillating dialogue you get over here at moose & lulu!!}

    *And finally, my new celeb look-alike... I'm slightly paler, but a dead ringer nonetheless, don't you think?!?
    {Picture of Troy Palomalu stolen from here.}


    Tk said...

    Your hilarious!! I love your hair long, it looks amazing! I had a friend get a blow out and she swears by them. I may have to check it out since my hair is getting so long and unmanageable!

    Walker said...

    Looks great! Uh, you do know your phone has one of those front facing camera thingies right?