Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Things I am loving....

  1. Last night's post-dinner compliment: "Damn woman, I mean you can COOK!".  Slightly crass. Very direct. And made me smile just the same. Smart guy- complimenting the one in the kitchen is always a good way to secure future invitations...
  2. Fresh Sugarbath Cubes in Lemon. One of my girlfriends gave me some of these for my birthday and ohmyword. Sometimes when I am walking through my bathroom, I'll pull the jar off the shelf, open the top, and inhale a big whiff because it just smells so heavenly.
  3. The fact that I am finally starting to see results from all. the. running. I was getting very frustrated about a week ago because I've been running my little ass off and felt no skinnier. However, last night as I was brushing my teeth I noticed a slight less squishy appearance in my arms. Yay for cardio!
  4. March Madness is starting!  Single ladies, I'm telling you... you should use my little secret for the next month: Get yourself a well-crafted bracket {this is key- don't pick teams based on mascot cuteness... you need to look like you know what you're doing. Research yourself or recruit a knowledgeable advisor. Sidenote: thanks Brian!}, fold that sucker up and tuck it into a little clutch purse, head out to meet your girlfriends at a sportsbar, whip out said bracket. They fall over themselves. Trust me.
  5. All the beautiful Bradford Pears and other trees that are blooming. It's one of my absolute favorite simple springtime pleasures.
  6. Adele. More specifically, this song:

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Brynn said...

So many of those favorite things are mine as well... especially the Fresh bath cubes! Hope you see you soon... maybe at a bar with our brackets!!