Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Fashion Mish Mash

I just got a very proud email from J. Crew's cousin, Madewell, touting their "old school cool" Hertiage Premium Worksuit and I just had to share:

Now, I would by no means consider myself a fashionista, but REALLY?!? 

Several thoughts:
  1. You would have to pay me to go in public wearing this. And even then, I would take the money you gave me and go straight to the nearest retail store to buy something acceptable to put on so I didn't have to be seen in public like this.
  2. The model, while very pretty, looks like she would stink like a sweaty, old man painter.
Sometimes I just do not understand the marketers and product development teams behind these brands. But again, maybe I am just not the "fashion forward" type that they are seeking. 

On a more positive note, I found my new favorite spring shirt and workout top at Gap the other day:
 I am my mother's daughter and decided I loved it so much that I needed it in several colors. This one is my favorite though... I might have a slight obsession with coral.

I'm a huge fan of cinched bottom workout tops for two reasons: 1) they stay put when doing inverted yoga poses. 2) they hide stomach chunkiness very well throughout the in-between season when it's not bikini season quite yet and you are still working off the winter padding.

The straps of this one are almost a grosgrain-ish material and cross in the back. It's very cute in-person.

And finally, I decided to keep this bag from my last post. Yes, it is huge, but I just love it. And huge works for me since I tend to carry lots of stuff around with me. I just did a quick glance in there, and no shit, I found: 
  1. A flat iron.
  2. Three pairs of sunglasses.
  3. One shoe (?!?)
  4. An ice pack.
  5. Two koozies.
  6. A box of wheat thins.
It should be noted that this was in addition to all my other "normal" purse contents. I am going to have back problems one day thanks to my Hoarders Purse Edition tendencies.

Anyone else found any fun fashion purchases lately? 


Dotty said...

I think I found the other shoe under the front seat of Dad's car...I don't understand. Wear TWO shoes into somewhere , and TWO shoes out. It's a fairly simple concept. How do you do this? Do you walk out of somewhere with one bare foot?

The Connaughton's said...

I have that exact Gap top!! Love it and thinking about ordering more!