Tuesday, April 5, 2011

March in Pictures!

Wine stained lips after a very fun evening of dinner at Alma and drinks at Victor Tangos. The company included Jules as well as these two characters:

If I could show you the four-way text exchange between us the next morning you would probably pee your pants laughing. Love these guys.

The Eagle twins made their debut in February and I got to meet them the first week in March! They are so sweet. I especially love how whenever they lay side-by-side they always turn and face each other (such an adorable added bonus that I was able to catch them holding hands!). While I can't imagine having twins, Wylie and Caroline are powering through it like champs... and Wylie is blogging about it along the way. His take on parenthood is hilarious and definitely worth checking out.

Further driving the nail in the coffin of #29 on my 30x30 list, my car got into a bit of a scuffle with my garage in March. Unfortunately, the panel where the car brushed the side of the garage had been wrecked before so the steel was weakened. Weak steel + Stone Edging = $1,356 worth of damage according to Service King. Luckily, I was able to track down the guy I took to Homecoming junior year of high school that happens to work in the car biz and got it done for $500. Score one for Facebook!

The new love of my kitchen. It's a Griffin under-counter iPad holder. This baby is amazing for using one of the many recipe apps and whipping up something delicious without the fear of killing my iPad with a rogue bottle of olive oil. Also useful for entertainment purposes when making time consuming recipes that you know by heart (risotto, anyone?!?). A good episode of Damages makes the stirring... and stirring... and stirring go by much faster.

Kamber starting off St. Patty's Day with a bang. I'm pretty sure I ended up wearing that mustache at J. Black's later on in the evening... lovely.

My cutie of a Goddaughter made it out for the St. Patty's parade. The girl is already quite the party animal: she showed up in theme-appropriate green attire, mixed and mingled with all our friends, and she definitely hit the bottle pretty hard. ;)

Rachel showing off her skills at the shooting range. After much persuasion, the boys convinced me to at least give it a try. I learned very quickly that it is much safer for me to shoot guns in the country. Even though they warned me about the kick-back, when I shot it, it popped up so much that it scared me at which point I spun around to give the gun back to the boys because I just wanted it out of my hand. And in the process I pointed the loaded gun at several of them. In other words, I broke the cardinal rule of shooting ranges. I'm pretty sure that's the last time I'll get invited on that little outing! I'm just so incredibly thankful that nothing bad happened. 

I was driving behind this guy and just had to take a photo:
Crotch rocket... check!
Ed Hardy motorcycle jacket... check!
Helmet with fake synthetic mohawk... check!
Ladies on the back of the motorcycle... notsomuch.

The best thing about doing yoga at home instead of at the gym? No one there to judge you when you drink red wine instead of water. :)

Long overdue dinner with the girls: Slow Cooked Short Rib Stroganoff. Hopefully I'll get my act together this week and get the recipe up for Foodie Friday. It was delicious.

I can't tell you how excited I am about this!  Speaking of, did any of you hear about all the drama with Ina Garten and the Make-a-Wish child that wanted to meet her? Sheesh, talk about a PR nightmare! I'm happy she decided to grant the child's wish but don't really understand why she chose to do it independently of Make-a-Wish.

I have been waiting (not very patiently) to replant my dead pots and window boxes. My green thumb took two steps back this winter and pretty much everything I had planted aside from the mint, died. 

Ta Da! Much better.

Mmm... Nick and Sam's Grill's Lamb Shanks with Puttanesca Sauce. Lamb isn't one of my favorites, but this dish may have changed my mind and encouraged me to try branching out beyond the lamb/mint combo in my own kitchen.

Mark and I went with two of his friends to the Dallas Symphony to see Mahler's No. 6. It was my first time and it was actually a lot of fun! Of course I'm usually up for anything that involves getting dressed up on a Thursday!

My favorite part was where we sat. The majority of the seating is in front of the symphony, but there is a small section behind them. It was so neat because we were not only very close to the action but were also facing the conductor. He was so fun to watch throughout the performance with all his crazy facial expressions and flailing. 

What is it about Spring that just makes you want to shop? I bought this new bag with a Nordstrom giftcard and love it, but I can't decide if it is too big. Thoughts?

It's been two weeks and they are still alive! Score one for the green thumb!

Happy Spring, everyone!


Maggie said...

Oh, how I miss Victor Tango's Pepper Smash. Please sip one for me!

That under-the-counter iPad holder is genius. We might be doing some kitchen renovation activities soon... I'm pretty sure I could slip room for that baby right in...

The Waspy Redhead said...

You're so cute! Also, that ipad holder is epic! Need.