Monday, April 4, 2011

Moose Monday- Happy Birthday!

It was moose's 4th birthday on Friday! I'm a bad mom and went to Opening Day at the Rangers on Friday and then I had a Crawfish Boil followed by a birthday party on Saturday, so my parents kept him for the weekend and we celebrated on Sunday when I went to their house for dinner. 

Even though I abandoned him all weekend, he was in good hands. My mom spoiled him in the way only a grandparent can. 

With a trip to Whataburger:

Followed by a personalized cake from Three Dog Bakery:

He's just a leeettle spoiled. If it's any indication of what is to come, future grandchildren have got. it. made. I can't imagine how she'll be with babies! In the meantime, moose is quite happy to be the subject of her pampering!

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