Monday, April 11, 2011

Moose Monday - Katy Trail Icehouse

The roommate and I are getting evicted from our townhouse. Okay, so maybe not evicted, but the owner is trying to sell it and neither of us want to buy it, so it's on the market and as soon as it sells... we're on the streets. Okay, that's not really true either, but we will have to find another place to live.

Until that time comes, we have to deal with showings. Lots of annoying, kick-you-out-of-your-own-home showings. The fact that we don't stand to gain anything out of the deal makes it even more annoying. But our landlord has been great to us, so we try not to complain too much.

Sunday we had to be out of the house from 12pm-1pm, so we went to brunch and followed that with a few beverages at a new place called Katy Trail Icehouse. Yes, our one hour of forced vacancy turned into four hours of Sunday Funday Day Drinking. It happens.

For you non-Dallasites, Katy Trail is an exercise trail that runs through several densely populated areas of Dallas. It's always heavily trafficked, so there is usually plenty of good people watching to be had. I have had friends see everything from Troy Aikman to ferrets being walked on leashes. I have yet to witness either, but have made a verbal promise to my mom that if I ever have a Troy sighting, I will bust a U-ie and creepily jog behind him whilst taking an iPhone video of his "assets" for her.

Anyways, back to the point: some brilliant person decided that Katy Trail was lacking, of all things, a bar! At first I thought this was kind of ridiculous, but after visiting this lovely establishment- I am now a fan.

First of all, it has such a fun, laid-back Austin-ish vibe. Dallas can sometimes take itself FAR too seriously, so this is a nice breath of fresh air in a city that can sometimes be a bit stuffy. They have a huge patio with picnic tables and those big bulb christmas lights strung everywhere.

Second, considering there have been more than a few Saturdays in which I have ended up grabbing lunch with friends on a patio in workout clothes, an establishment where this attire is not only welcomed, but is the vast majority of what you see, is a fantastic place to add to my list of favorites.

Third, in addition to the fascinating people watching on the trail, they also have a bean shoes* pit! I was first introduced to this fun little game visiting my big brother in San Diego over 4th of July. So naturally, it always reminds me of him and all the fun weekends that we had when I went to see him in California. I love it!

Finally, since the bar is right off the trail and mostly patio, they are dog-friendly. Moose had such a great time checking out all the other dogs and digging in the sand.

Cooling off after an intense digging session. 

If you live it Dallas- I recommend checking it out. It's at the very end of Routh, tucked right next to the trail. We didn't try the food since we had just eaten, but everything we saw looked pretty good! If they start adding live music into the mix in the evenings, I may just move next door!

*Speaking of bean shoes, this picture brings back so many fun memories: my brother (right) playing one of the countless games in Mexico. There were a few times that I flew into SD and then a big group of us drove down to Las Gaviotas, Mexico. Between the near-death ATV experiences and the mechanical bulls, those trips probably deserve a post all their own, but that's not likely to happen any time soon. ;)

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Maggie said...

My favorite soooo Dallas sighting on the Katy Trail was small dogs being pushed IN BABY STROLLERS. I saw it probably three times. Wow.

I would've loved this place had it been there when I was. Seems like just the right kind of vibe.