Thursday, April 7, 2011

Prescription for Stilettos

Remember this post? The one in which I declared April as:

**The Month I Will Get Up Early and Go Run at the Gym**

Um, yeah, that came to a screeching halt last week.

The day after that was posted I got up early, went to the gym for the third day in a row, hopped on the treadmill and started running, but the back of my ankle was having NONE OF IT. I tried to power through it briefly, but quickly resigned myself to walking.

That was over a week ago. I haven't been to the gym since.

I've been a good girl and have worn flats every day and have iced it down occasionally thinking it would go away in a few days. By Tuesday I decided I was over it and ready to get on with my life. I can walk just fine and am not in excruciating pain or anything like that- it's just more of an annoying, consistent, dull pain. But running? Not such a light dull pain and most definitely not happening. I hate going to doctors, but I begrudgingly made an appointment.

And guess what? She's my new favorite doctor!

She explained to me that running in the mornings without stretching out your achilles or at least walking first is not very smart. {Thanks for that, doc.} And then after diagnosing me with mild achilles tendonitis and plantar fasciitis, she told me I had to stay away from the gym for a couple weeks and gave me two options:
  1. Wear a big, blue medical boot with an achilles wedge for two weeks.
  2. Wear high heels 24/7 for a week and see if it gets better, and if not, see option one.
She said that being barefoot or wearing flats actually puts more strain on the achilles and that in doing so all week, I had probably made it worse instead of better.

So, let me get this straight: I can't go to the gym and I MUST wear high heels every day? Is it just me or is she basically saying that I need to spend the next two weeks filling my calendar with dinners and happy hours since I'll be all dressed up with no where to go?! 

New. Favorite. Doctor. 

Hands down!


Maggie said...

Dude. Amazing!

I'm sidelined with a wrist injury ... how can we spin this into something awesome?

melissa said...

You obviously have a very smart doctor! Happy high heeling and cocktailing!