Thursday, April 14, 2011

Toodles / Au Revoir / Arrivederci!

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Exciting news here at moose & lulu...

In August I will be going to England, France, and Italy!!

I am beyond excited and have already started brushing up on my french and attempting to learn the basics of italian.

Here's how it all went down:

Our little ad agency has experienced quite a bit of growth in the last year and those fabulous media incentive trips are based on added spending. So in addition to the Hawaii trip in January, we just found out that we qualified for a trip to London as well!

My dad loves to travel, but his preference is to sightsee by car. He's not a huge fan being carted around by tour bus or being in a pedestrian city and walking everywhere. He would much rather rent a car and tour the English countryside at his own pace rather than try to keep up with my Power Walking mother on foot. Which basically means that a trip to London is not his cup of tea. {Pun very much intended}

So, it looks like my mom and I are going to be heading across the pond this summer! We found out that Paris is a quick "chunnel" ride from London, so our plan is to fly into Paris a few days early, shop/eat/see Paris, and then chunnel it to London where we will spend six days there.

My European exposure is limited to the three weeks I spent in France when I was 15 and a brief glimpse of far-off Italian countryside as our bus zipped through bordering Èze. I have been dying to go to Italy ever since. I figured that while I was over there I may as well take advantage of the free airfare and decided that I would just skip on down to Italy solo after London.

I was discussing this plan with the roomie over brunch Sunday when she jokingly said "Maybe I should just grab a plane to Italy and meet you". What started as a joke quickly escalated to "wait, why not??" Thus creating our new plan for her to fly to Italy the week after London, which also happens to be the week of her 30th birthday. Très parfait, non?

It's all still VERY rough around the edges, and we have a lot of research/planning to do, but I am over-the-moon excited!

Our stay in London is pretty much planned out for us, but I would welcome any feedback anyone has regarding places to stay/eat in Paris as well as must-see cities or places in Italy! As you can see we've been doing *a bit* of research on our own as well:

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melissa said...

Wow, what an amazing opportunity! Sounds like an amazing trip. You are a lucky duck!